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You may have just heard about Tiens also called Tianshi business opportunities. To give you a brief lift up, Tiens is a company that uses Network Marketing to sell its Health products. Tiens also gives you an opportunity to sell and advertise their products, in return you will be paid commission payments for your work & in a rewarding way. That being said, here are some very important tips to help you achieve your goals.

Before presenting you business concepts make sure you do the following.

Get yourself into Trainings

Training People to work with you and your business can be a challenging thing. Putting yourself in a training program, regularly develops your speech and knowledge about the business. It’s also a magnificent way to learn from other marketers.

Business Requires Time.

Any other successful business out there, No matter how small or giant they are, TIME is their most valued investment. A fraction of seconds in wall street, NY can make a company billions or can cost them just as much. The More time you give to the tiens business, the more your ROI(Return on Investment). Needless to say, an estimated 6 to 8 hours a week is just enough, that is almost a hour every day.

Choosing Tiens Business Partners

A partner can make or break you including your high valued business. The first set of people you should contact and present the business to should be your immediate family members, Your spouse, brothers or sisters and parents. There is many advantages into doing this– First, these are people that you know & trust besides its easy to stand up and tell them what you are up to, second you are more likely to get an honest, Good or Brutal reply. In return, you will cultivate more of your good qualities and amend those which are not.

The second set of people are your friends and work colleagues. These people are just as important as family, why? Because you spend almost half your day chatting or working with them.

Making a good Impression

It always amazes me how things work themselves out in people’s heads. Presenting yourself in a well mannered & society approved way, speaks implicit and is very powerful in network marketing. When People come to listen to your Tiens network marketing business ideas, They want to see themselves in your position & feel the good things that the business will present to them in the future. They want to see that in you.

Tell Facts, Never lie to impress others

Honesty has always been the best policy. Speak facts about you and the company. Do not confuse your future Tiens business partners, by letting them assume Tiens is a pyramid or a ponzi scheme. This will back fire in such a bad way, not only will you lose your partners, but they will be a bad mouth and consider you as a scam artist.

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