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Do you always find yourself constantly losing every fight? Have you ever wonder why other players manage to recruit so many mafias? How did they get the special loots? Find your answers all over here.

1. Recruit massive players instantly by joining mafia wars group in Facebook. To find these groups, type "mafia wars" in the Facebook search on the right hand corner.

2. Buy properties in bulk. If you buy one at a time, you end up paying more. Do not believe? Try it and do some calculations.

3. Buy weapons from limited edition loots. It's often cheap and good! Buy weapons which require no upkeep to keep your expenses low. Eg Bullet Proof Vest instead of Body Armor which requires an upkeep of $ 400.

4. Max all the job tiers to unlock the bonus items.

5. Deposit your money after you earn money so that your money will not get stolen.

6. If your friend (Friends you just added from the big mafia group) you add does not have the invite status message. Try replacing the zero with their id from this "http://apps.Facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=00000000"

Get your friend id by visiting their profile, copy the digits after the id = Eg copy 1497599999 and paste to this [http://apps.Facebook.com /inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=1497599999] in your browser and enter! There you go, you have added your friend in mafia wars.

7. Too many mafia friends in your friend list? Create a friend list and collate all the mafia friends into that list. It would be neater that way and you can not help your mafia friends when they request for help out in game, unless they're in your friend list.

8. Join the mafia mailing list to receive limited time items, rewards, updates, offers!

9. Collect all the collectible so that you can unlock hidden stats point from the Collection & Vaults section.

10. Have fun and enjoy the game.