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Tips To Build A Good Mobile Website Design

Mobile websites are becoming popular as more people are selling in their cell phones for internet. Websites on mobile devices are easy to surf and information is compected without confusing the user. You will need to keep a few things in mind if you want to get an ideal mobile website design.

You are designing a website for a smaller screen size. If you were designing for larger screen sizes like laptops and HD monitors, this task will seem a little difficult for you. Mobile phones typically have a high-resolution. Features and information about the website are easily available to the user on these small screen sizes.

Mobile internet connectivity is comparatively lower as coverage differences depending on the area. Mobile phones are portable devices and normally on the move. So do not put too many features on your website as this may increase loading time. Reduce comments and unnecessary tags from your website and keep your images compressed and small for lighter download.

If you are building a separate new site for mobile phones then it is better to choose a URL for the site. Keep the URL simple so that the user will find it easier to remember it. Avoid technologies like Java Applets, Flash, pop ups and frames as most mobile devices do not support them.

Remove extra content and links from your main page. It can help in directing user focus on the information you want them seen. By removing such content you are reducing load time and page size of your website.

Try to avoid essential dimensions for absolute pixels when you are designing for a smaller screen size. For instance if place an image on your website then it will take large amount of screen space in some mobile devices. Use relative sizes like percentages so the size of the image will auto-adjust to the screen size.

Choose the right font for the content in the website. Avoid italicized, handwritten and script fonts. You want the texts and titles larger. Appropriate line and letter spacing is necessary to have readable website content.

Be familiar with different included new phone technology and use it to your advantage. Phones can do some functions that PCs can not. Use these features to improve user experience.

Try to get in some professional help to get a good mobile website design. Many companies offer website designing solutions for various devices.

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