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Website design portfolio is a must if you love designing websites and interacting with your online clients. You may probably not understand what this design portfolio is all about. The basic intention of maintaining a portfolio is similar to saving all your good work in the form of a folder. In other words, if you have designed some really good websites, then you can archive them all in a website so that the new clients who are trying to seek your service will get convinced by seeing what you are capable of.

These days, finding clients is never so easy, especially when you do not have anything to prove your capability. In fact, it is nearly impossible to find clients who opt for your service when you do not have anything to show them. So how should you design your portfolio in order to convince the visitors is one big question that has to be answered right now.

When you are planning on a website design portfolio, it is necessary that before you can actually start using Photoshop to proceed any further, you need to understand certain things and draw a rough layout on a sheet of paper. Even before you can do this, it is important to get comments and feedbacks from your existing customers and also your friends. You can also collect feedback in web forums that is the best way to get unbiased feedbacks on your work.

By contacting people and getting their opinion, you can now understand what color works for your design and what is the best thing about your web layout, what are the possible improvements that you can make etc. It is important that your portfolio website is well designed and appeals to the users as soon as they see it. There is to be some hype about it but again, it should not be too flashy. Most of them consider it wrongly and that will bring a bad impression on the site visitors. Try to convince them subtly by showing them your best work. People do not like to wait too much just to see the page completely uploaded.

Another important thing that you should consider while incorporating your designs on the portfolio site, you should know how much is enough and crossing that line would simply mean that you are overloading your site with too much stuff. If you have been working in a company before, you can get some references and testimonials from them that can be incorporated into your website design portfolio.

Web Design

Web Design