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As Slade are shouting ‘It’s CHRISTMAAAAS!!’ down everyone’s radio, it’s well and truly time to mail out your season’s greetings to your loved ones: spread some love to your friends, family and colleagues with a thoughtful Christmas card message.

Whilst a beautifully illustrated Christmas card is a lovely addition to the mantelpiece, it’s often the actual messaging that stands out and really speaks to the heart. That’s why we’ve put together a wide range of Christmas card messages for you so you can well and truly nail what you want to say this Christmas. Whether you’re creating a card for the masses or looking to connect through niche humour, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our top 10 themes for Christmas card messages

    1. Punny cards
    2. Alternative humor
    3. Heartfelt messages to warm your heart
    4. Traditional Christmas classics
    5. Christmas cards for your other half
    6. Cosy Christmas messages
    7. Santa-centric messaging
    8. Christmas cards for the office
    9. Christmas songs
    10. Festive films

Punny cards

Visual puns and play-on-words are a foolproof way of putting a smile on someone’s face. Accessible enough to appeal to the masses, but quirky enough to let your humour shine through.

Hippie Holidays card via Papier

Alternative humor

Funny Christmas cards that speak to the moody teenager in your life is a Christmas card niche we never knew we needed. Slightly off the beaten track humour might be niche, but it’s more likely to jump out in a crowd of classics.

Merry Nugmas card
Merry Nugmas card via Urban Outfitters
David Shrigley Christmas Cards
David Shrigley Christmas Cards via Etsy
Satirical Christmas card
Satirical Christmas card via Papier
Sarcastic Christmas Card
Sarcastic Christmas Card via Etsy

Heartfelt messages to warm your heart

If you’re brave enough to show your love without having to hide behind humour, then heartfelt messages are for you. These heartfelt Christmas messages are perfect for close friends, family and loved ones.

Peace on Earth Christmas Card
Family Christmas Card design by sam2021

Traditional Christmas Classics

The beauty of choosing classic Christmas card messages is that it appeals to the masses, making them infinitely more accessible and therefore commercial. Choose simple phrasing and enrich designs with illustrative designs and charismatic color.

Merry Christmas Card
Merry Christmas Card by Velvet Made
Peace on Earth Christmas Card
Traditional Christmas Messaging by Sucan

Christmas cards for your other half

If your partner would heave at the idea of soppy Christmas card messages, think short, snappy wording with a slice of irony. Go *sassy* to bring a smile to their face with your shared sense of humor.

Jingle those Bells
Jingle those Bells card by Papier

Cosy Christmas messages

The Danish lifestyle trend ‘Hygge’ might be *so* 2018, but its cosy messaging lives on. The beauty of cosy Christmas messaging is that it does a great job of painting a heart-warming feeling, whilst simultaneously being vague enough that it appeals to the masses. As perfect for your colleague as it is for your grandma.

Santa-centric messaging

Nothing says Christmas like a guffawing ‘Ho Ho Ho’. The magic of Santa-centric messaging is that its appeal spans generations—a child will enjoy with wondrous joy, whilst an adult will enjoy with a knowing nostalgia.

Nice list christmas card
Santa’s nice list by Sucan
Happy Ho Ho Holidays
Happy Ho Ho Holidays! by Papier

Christmas cards for the office

Get in your employee’s good books this year with a thoughtful Christmas card. Keep it upbeat, light-hearted and pepper it with in-jokes.

Nice list christmas card
Business Christmas card by Sonagi
Engineering company Christmas card
Engineering company Christmas card by M.m

Christmas music

As soon as the first of December hits it’s likely that Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ will be playing on every radio station. So whilst you can’t escape the Christmas jingle bells, you can guarantee a card with your favourite Christmas song is sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

Festive films

Another nod to the cultural zeitgeist, referencing Christmas films or making clever puns from cult classics is a surefire way to stand out in a crowd of classic Christmas cards.

Love Actually quote card
Love Actually quote via Etsy

Make your loved ones smile with a Christmas message!

Sending Christmas cards to your colleagues, friends and family is the perfect way to show that you care. Spread the love this Christmas with one of our unique Christmas card messages this year!

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