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There are many aspects of website designing which need to be taken care of while a website is designed, whether you do it yourself or take help of a website designing services provider. Here we will list the top 10 website designing tips & tricks which you can use while designing your site, be it a dynamic website design, flash website design or just a simple static website design.

1. Keep the website design clutter-free and simple

It is not necessary to add all types of cool Photoshop effects on your site; these effects can result in cluttering of the page and put-off the users. Keeping the design simple by:

  1. Visuals & text should complement each other & not overpower each other.
  2. Optimization of images is done so that they get downloaded quickly.
  3. Develop focal points for placing important information for the user.
  4. Organize the page in a manner that it becomes easy for the user to find information he is searching for.

2. Create visual communication

With the objective of developing effective communication with visitors, use proper colors for projection of your site's image. As for example, a website with the business of selling bio-degradable goods can utilize green color while a company selling shoes for little girls can use pink as the main color on their website.

  1. Highlight using visuals: To make navigation easier, you can use buttons for highlighting links or thumbnails instead of text links.
  2. Take visitors attention to important links or updated content by use of visual cues such as bold text, scrolls or arrows.

3. Provide rich content

Keep the main focus on giving interesting content to make the visitors stay on the website. Visuals brings the user to the site but content is what keeps them on the website.

  1. Keep the content updated.
  2. Keep the language of writing as conversational as possible & lively.
  3. Content should make interesting reading but not very lengthy as visitors do not have much time or patience to read through the whole content.
  4. Try creating interaction with users by using feedback & comment forms so that they come back to you.

4. Maintain narrow text

If the text layout is kept narrow, visitors will not get bored by having to scroll sideways to read the text. This is the reason for which most of the newspapers also use narrow columns. Such layout makes text easily readable & more appealing.

5. Keep website design consistent

Keep the design of the website consistent across the site so that visitors do not face problems with finding important information.

  1. Use same color combination in all pages.
  2. Keep main link locations consistent.
  3. Do not use different fonts across the website.
  4. Try to use fonts which are easily readable.

6. Make visitors come back

There are millions of websites & visitors get overloaded with data all the time so chances that they come back are really low. To make visitors come back to your site you need to provide them with information they are looking for, quickly and easily.

7. Stick to conventions

In website designing , conventions are not bad thing to adhere to. As an example, visitors are accustomed to finding RSS, Twitter, Facebook links in certain format in most websites. In case you try to put these links differently on your site, chances are that they might miss those links.

8. Provide easy navigation

Keep the navigation clear & easy to make the visitors stay on the site and locate important links. Check if all the links open, visitors would very well go to other site if the page on your site does not open.

9. Test browser compatibility

Make sure that the site opens correctly in all the browsers and not just IE. Correct all the problems so that it looks perfect in all browsers & there are no compatibility issues.

10. Test usability

You may think that the website is fantastic & easy to use, but you need to make sure that visitors to your site feel the same too. Do usability tests to check what is working & what problems exists on the website. Perform usability tests on a regular basis to make sure the site is up to date with no errors.

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