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Top 3 Affiliate Website Designs Proven to Earn You More Mon…

Affiliate website design can be a daunting topic for over 90% of affiliate marketers that typically have no experience in website design to start with. Web design has as much to do with an affiliate website succeeding as its content and message.

So, how can you launch a successful affiliate marketing business with the best affiliate website design? The answer is WordPress. WordPress is an outstanding website builder that is free and easy to use. Affiliate website designs that are provided to increase conversions are available for you to download and use immediately from websites like Best Blog Skins starting from $ 29.

Before delving into the different website designs in affiliate marketing, let me first assure you that even though this may seem a bit difficult it is not. Guides like Ground Up Affiliate Marketing teach you everything you need to know and includes screen shots and samples that you can use yourself.

The 3 affiliate website designs that are the best layouts for affiliate marketing are:

  1. Pre-Sell Page – A real-life story in which you explain how you have used the product with success, your personal experiences with it and why you recommend it to others. Your experience is promoting your affiliate product through social proof.
  2. Review Page You are positioning yourself as an expert by comparing a number of different products that the visitor may be interested in and then coming to a judgment as to which one is the best. The goal is to point the visitor in the direction of the product that is the best for their needs and one that you will earn a commission from promoting successfully.
  3. Combination Pre-Sell and Review Page Super Affiliates achieve sales conversions that are 5% higher than just a pre-sell or a review content. The reason this combination is a success is because of the webpage design and the content.
  • The affiliate website design is professional and clean looking and reinforces the affiliate as an expert. Firstly, the color scheme is two-color simple and clean and not too bright. Secondly, at the top of the page you should include images that reinstate you are an expert in this product category. Images such as an earnings snapshot, how much money the product will save or earn for the buyer. Money is important everyone. Make it clear what the product will do for the prospective buyer that will impact the buyers money making potential. Other important images in an affiliate website design are: testimonials of success from previous buyers, and logos of other approved sites that have featured the affiliates work, for example, news and authority websites.
  • Use any one of these website layouts in your online business and watch the increase in activity. Your visitors will be happier with the professional appeal of your website and have more confidence that your experience is worth listening to.
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