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Top 3 Locations on the Web to Find the Best Tattoo Designs and Ideas For You

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Finding that perfect tattoo designs can be a daunting task and can even be frustrating at times. I can not blame you for being so critical in searching for that perfect tattoo art because after all, it's gonna be inked on your forever. Therefore it has to be something that you truly and honestly love.

I have been a long time tat enthusiast. I have several tattoos already and I am planning to get more in the not so distant future. So when it comes to locating the best tattoo design on the web, you can call me an expert because I have been there and done that. So here are my three top locations on the web to help you speed up your search.

  1. Tattoo Forums – Tattoo is one of the most searched topic on the internet so there are definitely lots of forums online to help other tat enthusiasts with any questions and concerns they have about this body art. Moreover, the forum is also a community where you can share experiences and ideas with like-minded individuals. You can ask opinion about a certain type of design and for sure, there will be people answering your query. Two of the largest tattoo forums on the web are checkoutmyink and rankmytatto. You even even upload your tattoo photo once you have it inked on you and people can rate your tat.
  2. Photo Sharing Sites – Flickr and DevianArt are two of the most popular photo sharing sites that you can join for free. You can simply do a search for the specific kind of tattoo you want and literally you will be given loads of photos for you to get ideas from. The good thing about these two sites are there are members who are photographers and tattoo artists who upload photos that are really of high quality. Just by simply viewing these photos can ignite that inner creativity in you for you to come up with your own tattoo art.
  3. Private Tattoo Gallery Membership – There are affordable tattoo galleries on the job that you can sign up for a membership as low as $ 11 and instantly, you will get access to thousands of original and amazing tattoo art. And by thousands, we mean 4,000-7,000 individual images that are grouped accordingly to each category. Using them is simple and easy, just point and click your chosen design and you can immediately print it to show to your tat artist. With the thousands of images available, you would not worry about having the same tattoo as the other individuals since all designs are customizable according to your own liking. You can easily change the colors or styles, combine designs and use your imagination to play it up until you are satisfied.