Top 3 Tips For Online PR in Search Engine Marketing

Since the majority of us do not have Google's bankroll for huge Pay Per Click campaigns, we're left to find less expensive ways to drive visitors to our websites. Online PR could be part of your answer – sharing your company news and views directly over the Internet.

You can get decent online exposure starting from £ 60 using a news distributor such as
Or you can do down the free PR route by sending your stories out using sites like or posting them to your Facebook account.

Online PR kills two birds with one stone. Beside getting traffic for your site, you are also creating exposure for your company. By having the possibility of your press release being picked up by multiple media channels, you can quickly and cheaply get eyeballs looking at your product or service.

TIPS to good Online PR

1: Plan a mini-campaign of three press releases over 4-6 weeks.
2: Writing a good online press release is critical, you should consider
– 300-500 words – one page max!
– People tend to scan web pages, not read them. Keep it simple.
– Make sure the first paragraph sums up the story.
– Include 3-4 links back to your website.
3: Think about the 'keywords' that your customers might use to find your product or service and use them in the press release title.

Unlike traditional media, with online you can easily select the target audience you want to deliver your message to. The results are quick and your press release can be picked up and shared with millions of potential customers.

You will know exactly how effective your online Press Release has been by tracking the new visitors to your website. Online results do not lie.

Online PR lets delivers a good 'Bang for your Buck' in search marketing terms and in our opinion, this will continue to grow through 2009.