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Searching for the top web hosting companies is always a good idea when looking for a new host. However, there are many web hosting companies out there now and as such; there are many less experienced hosts that weasel their way onto Top 10 lists to snatch new customers. Here we will quickly look over a few of the most well known companies that have been in the market for years, delivering excellent service to thousands of people.

Web Host # 1 – Just Host

As their name implies, they offer website hosting and are definitely good at what they do. They will not try and sway you with fancy bonuses or false statements. With 24/7 live support and higher uptime rates than any other provider, it is no wonder they have risen to the top of most web hosting lists. In addition to the great service and support, these guys also offer some of the lowest pricing rates out there.

Web Host # 2 – FatCow

FatCow has made its way to the top with its unique brand, cheap prices, excellent support, and great reliability. These guys aim to provide the most user friendly experience in web hosting to date. With a large tutorial database and custom designed cPanel, creating websites has never been easier. As one of the few leading Green hosting companies, FatCow servers are 100% wind powered. Green labels are also available to post on your websites to show how you are helping the environment.

Web Host # 3 – HostGator

For over ten years, HostGator has been one of the most well known and respected top web hosting companies due to their low prices, variety of hosting options, quality service, and reliable support. They provide all the tools needed to make your stamp on the web, no matter how small or large your ideas may be. The main complaint HostGator faces is that their pricing is a little bit more than the newer companies but I say it is a few extra dollars well spent.

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