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The past few weeks have seen the rise and fall, and the rise once again of the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin. According to Coingecko, the top coin is up nearly 16% in the past two weeks. This sent analysts bullish on the long-term prospects of the cryptocurrency

This week, these cryptos benefited heavily from the bullish momentum, thus giving crypto traders’ wallet a buffer in times of financial challenges.

Top 5 Cryptos Gaining Big On The Weekend


Formerly known as Bitcoin Cash ABC back in 2021, this fork of BTC and BCH saw tremendous gains as Bitcoin rallied in the past few days. The latest market data shows that the token is up more than 30% in the last 24 hours which brought more attention to the token. 

XEC has regained ground that was lost in the past months. At its current price point of $0.0000424, XEC is in a safe position to grab more ground from the bears in the coming months. Bulls can comfortably target $0.00006995 resistance for future gains. 


XLM has seen some stellar gains as they expand their current horizons with partnerships. The Stellar ecosystem now powers two up-and-coming finance apps, namely WisdomTree’s Prime and Paybis. This prompted investors to be bullish, leading to a nearly 20% gain in the past week. 

The token has a current price of $.106, losing 0.6% of its value in the last 24 hours. However, a drop to this level should not be taken as a bad sign as it can act as a jump-off point for future bullishness. In this case, we might see XLM bulls target $0.126 in the long run. 

As of today, the market cap of cryptocurrencies is nearly unchanged at $1.15 trillion. Chart:


Injective created some buzz as it co-hosted the Cosmos Hackathon with Delphi Labs. It then led to INJ being one of the top 5 cryptos in the weekend market. As it currently stands, INJ is up more than 20% in the past week.

Investors are currently targeting a high of $8.7 with support on the $7.8 price point. This will be the general trend in the coming days, with INJ possibly regaining the $10 mark in the near future. For now, INJ bulls should keep riding the positive momentum of the market to achieve their goals. 


This altcoin is one of the oldest existing cryptocurrencies that are available in the market. With the LTC halving next month which is fueling a bullish sentiment, we might see more action in Litecoin within the next couple of months. As of writing, the token is up more than 18% since last week. 

With a solid support level at $103, bulls are targeting $118 for short to medium-term gains. The influence of the coming halving will also have a positive effect on the coin’s price movement. Long-term, investors can target $200 as the halving’s date nears.


AAVE has been making rounds with investors as it was introduced with ecosystems. Just this month, Summer Finance and Scroll added AAVE v3 to their mainnet which greatly impacted their functionality. This caused AAVE to rise exponentially to over 17% since last week. 

The bears are trying to regain their lost ground, but the bulls stopped them above AAVE’s support at $65.16. If they can stop this momentum, we can see the token rising to $76 or $82 if the bullishness permits it. 

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