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Top 5 Don'ts of Your Website Design

Your website design is your strong identity on the internet. It is the only strong online presence of your business. It is a virtual store and an effective and handy marketing tool for your business growth and success. The final design is the ultimate call-to-action to the target market. It either makes or breaks your business. So it's totally up to you how you go about your designing of the site. Therefore, there is no room for any mistake or error. Everything has to be on time with perfection. Here, following are the don'ts which you should not do, AT ALL!

Do not use stock images

These images are lame, common and obvious. Customers instantly know if these images are from stock or from genuine, real, professional photographs. Represent professionalism. Show your target customers that you have put in the time and money for the images to have a unique, customized and appealing design. If you show your clients uniqueness, then they will trust your unique and creative offers.

Do not use image sliders

This is a huge distraction for the users who get involved with the images sliding in and out, and avoiding the other important aspects of the website such as content and product. Image sliders are conversion killers for your site. It does not mean that if you enjoy image slider yourself your customers will enjoy it too. They might get frustrated or ignore it entirely.

Do not use auto-play music

And even the videos! It can be extremely frustrating and bothersome to the visitors. It does not make your site attractive and exciting; instead it makes visitors close the tab quickly to avoid the sound. Have attractive visuals to excite the target customers rather auto-play items.

Do not support pop-up ads

It is an equally frustrating and annoying feature like auto-play. It is a great way to reduce the credibility of your website, which is I am sure you do not want at the least. So, do not opt ​​for pop-ups and annoy them. If you really want to use them then put them in spare spaces and appropriate timings. Best is to forget about these pop-ups and save your time and money.

Do not ignore social network

Yes, after your website that is another online marketing tool your business has. Strong, appealing and attractive online presence on social media is equally important because after checking the websites, customers typically check the company on social platform.

Other suggestions

The other suggestions for your website design are to have a brief contact firm, easy navigation, no broken links, and speedy page loading.

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