Top 5 Professional Fonts for a Website Design in 2016

Top 5 Professional Fonts for a Website Design in 2016

Typography makes a huge impact on your website. The font you use on your website is important because the use of a good font improves the readability of the user and improves the overall experience of the user. Some website designers say that choosing a font for the website is the same as choosing your clothes. One wrong choice and the impression will go wrong.

One important factor to note is that whatever font you use, it should be consistently used in your web design. You can either use one font, or you can use four fonts. The choice is yours, however, do not exceed more than four fonts. This makes the reader confused about the purpose of your design and information.

Why Typeface is Important for a Website?

When choosing a font for your website you should know that the font you plan to use will convey the purpose of your content and website. Therefore, choose a typeface that reflects your content's purpose. Contact a professional website development company now and get the best fonts for your website.

Without any further delay, let's look at the top five professional fonts for a website design in 2016.

Myriad Pro

This type of font offers versatility to its users. Therefore, it is the perfect font for corporate designs. Numerous companies have used this font on their websites. One of the largest strengths of Myriad is the letter form this font has.


Ubuntu font is used in most websites because of its contemporary and unique style. The best part about this font is it is free to change and free to use. It is versatile, it is free, easy to use and trending in 2016. All the reason for you to use this font for your website.


This font needs no introduction as it has been trending for the past few years. The version 2 of lobster gives you the option between thin and bold versions.

League Gothic Font

Download this font today and give your website a new look. League gothic is a renewal of an old classic.

Times Roman

This is the most used fonts for the websites till now. It is clear and readable even if you choose a small font size. This font gives your website a professional look.


We can not bicker with the fact that a good font describes who you are and the purpose of your website. The number of visitors visiting your website strictly depends on the type of font you use. If you choose something fancier and the visitor is unable to read clearly they are just going to close your website. No one is going to waste their time reading something that does not look professional.

So, choose wisely. There are various good fonts out there, but the ones listed above are trending in 2016. Keep in mind that the more you pay, the better font quality you get. Do not compromise on the quality of the font. Dynasty technologies has numerous professional website developers in UAE . You may contact them if you plan to redesign your web page or website.

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