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Web hosting is one of those essential services that you need if you plan to make some money with Internet marketing. Whether it's for your blog, salespage, membership site or squeeze page, they all need a place to live, and that place has to be extremely reliable so that it's available 24/7 around the world. Obviously it follows that if your website is unavailable it can not make you any money – not to mention the effect it will have on your search engine rankings.

With that in mind you should look for a host that is both affordable and reliable and not to mention, has a proven track record that stretches back many years. Furthermore, you should choose a business that has full time employees and a guarantee that makes them accountable. To help you out, we have rated the top 5 web hosting companies for Internet Marketers.

* Host Gator
These guys are the leaders in the field and one of the largest web hosting companies in America and can boast over 300 full time employees. With their own datacenters, in-house support team and technicians, Host Gator has become the host of choice for many Internet Marketers. For $ 7.95 per month (when you pay for two years upfront) you can host unlimited domains from one account. Although it may not be the cheapest, when it comes to reliability and support you can not beat Host Gator. For anyone concerned about the environment HostGator claim their company purchases the equivalent of 130% (ie. They buy more than they need) of their required power from wind farms.

* DreamHost
This is a quirky company who have found a niche for themselves as a personal hosting company – visit their about us page and you will see what I mean! At $ 8.95 per month (when pre-paid for 2 years) they are not the cheapest but you get to host unlimited domains and get unlimited space and bandwidth so you will never really need another hosting account. The reliability and support is exceptional and easily on par with HostGator, and just like HostGator, they claim to be a green hosting company by sourcing their power requirements from renewable sources, but they do not give any figures.

* HostMonster
These guys have been going for over 14 years, so they've proven they know a thing or two about hosting and at $ 5.95 per month (when you pre-pay for three years) they're more affordable than HostGator and DreamHost while at the same time offering the same unlimited domains, space and bandwidth options with similar levels of support and reliability. However, HostMonster use their own control panel which is not as easy to use as cPanel. You'll also get a free $ 50 AdWords coupon so you can start driving traffic to your site without having to wait for organic SEO to work. There are no details about whether they source renewable energy for their power.

* Cirtex Hosting
Cirtex offer a wide range of hosting options, but this is more to take advantage of the uninformed visitor. For just $ 2.99 per month (when paid for three years upfront) you can host unlimited domains and have more than enough space and bandwidth for many extremely popular sites. Cirtex are a much smaller operation than the other hosts mentioned above and I suspect they outsource a lot of the support and I've even seen the owner answering support tickets from time to time. Support is acceptable, not on the same level as the hosts above and the same goes for reliability but there is nothing that should cause too many headaches or problems. They do not source their power requirements from renewable sources.

* GigaPros
This company is a little less well known but provides budget hosting at some great prices. For just $ 2.50 per month (when you pay for three years upfront) you can host unlimited domains and get a decent amount of space and bandwidth, although if you do have some popular sites you may find you run out of both and have to upgrade. They've only been going since 2008 so have less of a track record than all the other hosting companies mentioned and they have had some issues with reliability which they seem to have sorted out. I've included them here because not everyone has the budget to afford the other hosts mentioned here and they are also good for hosting your 'feeder' websites and less important sites.

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