Top 50 Best Shopify Themes for 2019

Are you launching an online store?
Have you researched e-commerce builders and chosen Shopify?
If so, this article is your next destination. I’m going to explore the most important factors in choosing a Shopify template.
You can follow the links to Shopify themes from TemplateMonster marketplace and purchase one of them in several clicks.
Or make yourself comfortable and just indulge your eyes while we’re showing off the best Shopify products by TemplateMonster.
In the first section, I will explain everything you need to know to find the best Shopify theme for your business. I will illustrate my list with the newest and most premium Shopify themes.
In the second section, you will find more templates organized according to their niches.
hope we’ll have a good time!

What is a Good Shopify Template in 2019
Modern Design, Flexible Layouts
Mobile Experience, Cross-Browser Compatibility, SEO Optimization
Multiple Image Display Options
Smart Product Lists
Multiple Forms
Navigation and Menu
Premade Layouts, Ajax Cart
Well-designed Blog
Social Media, Video Integration
Built in Colors and Fonts
Integrated Google Services
Smooth Admin Experience
Reasonable Price
Provider Reputation, Documentation and Support

Best Shopify Themes by Niches
Fashion and Accessories
Food and Restaurants
Makeup and Wellness Products
Home and Decor
Artwork and Photography
Real Estate and Construction
Electronics and Computers
Sports and Travel

What is a Good Shopify Template in 2019

A group of enthusiasts created Shopify builder to sell snowboarding gear online. Now, more than 1.5 m e-commerce websites use Shopify templates for their fantastic UX and easy customization.
Okay, and how can you pick the best Shopify theme for your business?
Here are the major characteristics of a good template:

1.1 Modern Design, Flexible Layouts

The success of any online store depends on leaving an impression on the target audience. So, I’ve put theme design to the top of my rating of the things to look for in templates.
Best Shopify themes have a cutting-edge feel to them and a lot of white space. Against a neutral background, products can stand out and attract their future owners. There’s no way an overcluttered and garish website design will improve the financial results of your enterprise, even if it’s free.
By the way, check out one of the free Shopify themes from TemplateMonster – Sports Store. It is functional and minimalistic, just like a good free Shopify theme should be. If you’re just starting out, an affordable solution like Sports Store might be a life-saver. But I would recommend investing in a good Shopify theme for your store later.
Pay attention to the layout options the particular template has. Layouts should be flexible and adapt to your business needs. To have a unique website, you can customize website modules, play with grids and product columns, or add a single product display layout. Premium Shopify website templates, just like our Garden Furniture theme, give ample opportunities to be creative.

Garden Furniture

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.2 Mobile Experience, Cross-Browser Compatibility, SEO Optimization

If you open the Big Bag theme on a mobile screen, you’ll see that it still looks perfect. If you get an excellent Shopify template, the loading speed of your new website on mobile devices will not be sacrificed, and all the functionality will remain intact.
I personally thought that by 2019, no one would be using unresponsive websites. Reality has proved me wrong. There are still millions of active web resources that can’t provide adequate mobile experience. And though it has been proven repeatedly that users won’t stay on a site that is not responsive, I still have to include this feature in my list. And, of course, TemplateMonster Marketplace doesn’t sell unresponsive Shopify website templates.
The same applies to cross-browser compatibility – a good theme will have been tested in different browsers and on various devices. Many compatibility issues in a template will testify about the general negligence of the provider.
Here, I also want to talk about search engine optimization: a good Shopify theme will have SEO optimized. All our premium Shopify themes have valid semantic code, good structure, and adequate loading speed. This means that you will have no problem promoting your e-commerce business online. Your success in search engines will never be diminished by a low-functioning website.

Big Bag

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.3 Multiple Image Display Options

To succeed in e-commerce, you need to display your products from many angles.
So, you’ll be adding high-quality imagery of different sizes to your website. You’ll organize these images in such a way, as not to overwhelm or bore the viewers. This will involve using grids, customizable content modules, sliders, carousels, and other display options.
Organising original visual content into comfortable galleries adds up website credibility and customer engagement like nothing else. Look at the theme we are giving as an example, it is full of stunning visuals that turn the UX into a joyful adventure.
A good theme in 2019 will be retina-ready and include images with text, with text overlays, and calls to action buttons – these are indispensable for conversion. There will be lookbook and scrapbook sections. The latter enables you to display products in your particular way, creating unique combinations of images.
On the homepage, it should be possible to display the Gallery tab and product images from your collection. In Shopify website templates by TemplateMonster, this feature is present in two forms – one with a banner, the other – with a carousel. You’ll also get a chance to add up to nine banners of different sizes to your collections.
And more about the homepage: pay attention to the quality of the character image if you use one. Check how your logo looks in the header and whether it is in harmony with the rest of the visuals. A visual effect like Parallax can also be used to amplify the impression. It’s easy to find a Parallax Shopify theme, but many web designers nowadays choose to use fewer effects but more original visual elements.
Most e-stores use homepage sliders because people click on them when they see them. Put up five excellent full-width photos of a homepage slider, turn on the autoplay, and be sure that even the laziest site visitors will see what you wanted to show them. An engagement slideshow will magically increase the time people spend on your site, boost your sales, and contribute to a better SEO rating.
If you are selling clothes or accessories, you definitely need a lookbook on your website. Add up to 7 photos into the lookbook and link them to the product pages. Who would want to spend time in endless browsing if one can look through specially curated collections? When choosing an e-commerce theme, make sure it contains such enjoyable features.

Ms. Candy

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.4 Product Lists

While creating an online store, you’ll need the new website to fit into your marketing. There are a lot of methods to increase sales and customer loyalty: a good template will support them all and even create the space for new ones.
Look at our example theme, KarDone. It will allow you to select featured products from your collection and display them in separate lists or on a carousel. You can create other lists, like Best-selling products, Related or New products from up to 20 items and draw customers’ attention where you need it.
Creating sales and discounts is also something a store owner can’t do without. To every product, you can add a badge that tells about its availability in stock or shows the old and discounted prices. Beneath the badge, there will always be a big and bright call to action button.
I love how product countdowns make my heart beat faster when I see them. Think about adding up to 4 top products to your homepage, setting good prices on them and selecting the day when this promotion will end. Your site visitors will pay attention, and many of them will surely use this opportunity to make more purchases. If you are using a single product Shopify theme, this promo feature will bring you most sales.
Without a Quick View feature, visitors won’t be able to see the details of a particular product when they hover the cursor over it. All our premium Shopify themes are equipped with this tool.
Premium Shopify themes are compatible with multiple languages and currencies. It means that your business can expand across your region and conquer new lands. When the people from other countries visit your website, they will be able to view the prices in many currencies.
And my absolute favorite among product lists is the Wishlist. I use this feature whenever I’m in an online store because I don’t always have the resources to buy everything I want to. A create wish lists, compare product prices, and always come back to buy the stuff I saved. I’m sure all stores need this functionality on their websites, or they will be missing out on additional sales and customer loyalty.


Demo | Download | Hosting

1.5 Multiple Forms

There’s a set of pre-made forms that a good Shopify theme should have. They include:
Booking Form – This one is, of course, indispensable for hotels, cafes, and airline ticket booking services.
Contact Form – This form will help you make sure you hear from your customers, receive their feedback and answer their questions. There will be a built-in email form and a Google map if you are ready to meet people in your offline premises.
Login Form and User Registration From – Creating an account on an e-commerce platform makes the entire shopping experience much more personal. Being able to see one’s buying history and user-specific content makes customers feel comfortable and appreciated.
Newsletter Subscription – Your content marketing won’t work without this form. Add it to the homepage as a pop-up and create a separate tab in the menu. With a big email list, you’ll be able to build a lasting relationship with your customers, keep them updated about new offers and promotions, send out links to your blog.
Search Form – No surprises with this one. You will place a search bar in the header or footer, or anywhere you like it on the website. Without it, there’s no way people will find something in a store with a vast collection of products.
About Us – You need to tell the story of your brand or your customers won’t ever get attached to it. Add your photo and a couple of sentences about your mission and business vision. Then, describe the benefits your store has over all the others and use cute infographics to illustrate them. If you have a big team, use the About Us form to help your colleagues and customers get to know each other. And don’t forget to add photos and a word or two about each staff member.


Demo | Download | Hosting

1.6 Navigation and Menu

A drop-down MegaMenu is the gem of every good Shopify theme. You will be able to create as many product categories as you need and organize your assortment well.
There’s a three-click rule that all web designers try to follow. It says that if website navigation is good, users will be able to access any page in less than three clicks. The same principle applies to e-commerce themes even though their product galleries can sometimes be truly enormous.
Our templates also have a Logo List feature. It serves to let visitors choose a particular brand from a list of logos and instantly view all products by this brand.


Demo | Download | Hosting

1.7 Premade Layouts, Ajax Cart

Here is an excellent Shopify theme – Shopy. It has more than 13 Shopify page templates, nine listing pages, four gallery pages, a MegaMenu, and a big set of Ajax filters and sorting options for the gallery. In a fashion e-store, for instance, customers should be able to sort the goods by size, color, price, availability, brand, and category. Without such functionality, your e-commerce website will look like an undifferentiated mess.
And no one really has the time to do the endless clicking – customers prefer stores with better navigation.
If you see the Ajax technology mentioned in a theme, it means that certain elements (shopping cart, collection fingers, etc.) will not go out of sight as you scroll down the web page. An Ajax cart, for instance, is a sticky cart that moves with you as you scan through the gallery. This means that you can always see the total number of products you have selected and the total amount of your purchase. If a template doesn’t have such functionality, customers will have to come back to the homepage every time they want to look at the cart.


Demo | Download | Hosting

1.8 Well-designed Blog

A blog is best one organic promotion tool. If you want to have a steady inflow of traffic to your website, you’ll need to supply your audience with useful and entertaining content. A good Shopify blog template will help you do that by offering content modules that can be placed in blocks of 3, 6, or 9 segments.
Most themes have premade blog pages where all you have to do is add text and images.
Your blog will contain custom content of the following types:

Text with a picture
HTML code


Demo | Download | Hosting

1.9 Social Media, Video Integration

It’s hard to imagine a modern website without social media integration. Allow users to like and share products in your galleries – and they will be promoting them organically across their accounts!
Launch an Instagram shop to capitalize on the ever-growing popularity of this social media platform. Integrate Instagram images into your blog and display up to 12 pics links in each post. Make sure your blog posts also contain social media buttons and can be shared with friends and followers.
And finally, make sure your theme allows adding videos to the homepage, product galleries, and embed them into blog posts. Stats show that the popularity of video content is on the rise, so a good picture is better than a hundred words, and a good video is better than a dozen pictures.
To add social proof, make sure your e-store contains testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as reviews from industry influencers. Testimonial forms are present in all good enough Shopify themes.

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.10 Built-in Colors and Fonts

An excellent template will allow you to switch between the color themes in one click and immediately see the result.
There may be Font Awesome icons integration and, of course, Google Fonts integration.

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.11 Integrated Google Services

There are a bunch of Google tools that every e-commerce website needs. Apart from Google Fonts which I’ve already mentioned in the previous section, you will be using Google Maps to guide people to your website and Google Analytics to track the traffic and other stats.

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.12 Smooth Admin Experience

Shopify websites provide excellent admin experience due to the Section Builder functionality which allows customizing the homepage and other page layouts in live mode. You will use Shopify drag & drop builder to move sections and switch colors with ease and pleasure. You don’t even need to know HTML or CSS to create awesome designs and use the full functionality of your website.
It is also vital that Shopify website templates are easy to install. You get the installation-ready package to your e-mail address and, a few clicks later, you are ready to start customizing it.

Your Stylist

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.13 Reasonable Price

I have no doubts that you will pay attention to the cost of a template before buying it. I personally wouldn’t mind having my favorite Shopify themes free of charge, but no, it takes money to get what’s good.
Before making a choice, write down the list of features you definitely need on the website for your business to work. Some e-commerce stores can do without many modern embellishments and use a simple Shopify theme, like Game Console.
As I’ve already mentioned, we have a small set of the best free Shopify themes. You can always help yourself to one of them.
But if you expect your e-store to grow and expand, I would recommend investing in a new and fully functional template.
You can buy a theme under a Single Use license to create only one e-commerce business, or you can choose another license option and the template as many times as you want.

Game Console

Demo | Download | Hosting

1.14 Provider Reputation, Documentation, and Support

You need to pay particular attention to the reputation of the theme provider. If you buy a template from an unreliable studio that doesn’t offer good enough aftersale support, you will spend more money trying to make your website work than you would have spent on a better product from a leading provider.
TemplateMonster is famous for its amazing 24/7 support, presale and after sale services. All the templates offered on the marketplace are subject to serious quality control. Our themes are cleanly coded and come with clear and detailed documentation that helps in their maintenance. TemplateMonster team also makes sure the themes are regularly updated and all the minor bugs fixed.
There’s also a fantastic opportunity to have your website created by the seasoned web design pros from Weblium studio using the template you buy on the TemplateMonster marketplace. All you need to do is contact Weblium managers, supply the Shopify theme you’ve bought, and tell them what kind of website you need. A few days later, you will have your brand-new e-commerce website launched and ready to start delivering profits.


Demo | Download | Hosting

2. Best Shopify Themes by Niches

We’ve taken a close look at the most important features that make up the best Shopify theme in 2019. I hope that now you have a better understanding of what you need to look for in a template.
Next, I want to show you 9 sets of Shopify website templates divided by a niche. Make sure you follow the links and view the demo versions of the themes that get you interested.

2.1 Multipurpose


Demo | Download | Hosting

With this theme, you receive 3 skins – for fashion, fishing, and equipment stores. Maybe, you’ll want to try all the 15 customizable header skins, and 6 editable footers to create the best design. The product supports multiple languages and currencies, features Parallax and lazy load effects. Ajax functionality enables visitors to use the navigation and cart without having to scroll up to the homepage. In other words, this is a wonderful example of a genuinely functional theme.


Demo | Download | Hosting

This Shopify WordPress theme was crafted with care so your handmade products will look awesome in it. You can use this template to sell any goods or services because it is very flexible. Furniture, accessories, handmade products, anything you can think of. A Drag & Drop builder was created for web owners who don’t have website development skills. You will switch between two colors, several styles, four header and footers, and see the results immediately. The theme works with all browsers and is 100% responsive.

Animal Pets

Demo | Download | Hosting

Animal lovers will be fond of this template that sells products and accessories for pets. Eye-catching banners will not leave anyone unimpressed. As the photos of pets melt the heart of your potential clients, sticker and CTA buttons near all products organized into three columns will encourage them to by. A social media block will add to your organic promotion potential. And don’t forget to implement Google Analytics functionality to see how many potential customers your website attracts every day.


Demo | Download | Hosting

This theme is minimalistic from outside but very rich on the inside. Among its special features, you will find banners with pop-ups, Preloader, shortcodes, video and social media integration, and what not. There are awesome Nivo sliders for your homepage, and Featured and Related Products lists for your gallery.

2.2 Fashion and Accessories
Yellow Bag

Demo | Download | Hosting

Yellow Bag is one of the top clothing themes on TemplateMonster marketplace, adored by store owners. This theme will provide equally perfect UX on whatever screen your customers will be using. It combines clever content organisation, intuitive navigation, and clean, minimalistic design. You will be able to display as much as 55 product collections on one page, and a “Quick View” button with additional information will appear near the product image. You can sort the items to create grids or product lists even without reloading the page!


Demo | Download | Hosting

One more superstar Shopify theme for serious entrepreneurs. It is equipped with multi-currency functionality that allows you to set prices in different currencies for one product. The comfortable search form that is included in the package will make it impossible for anyone to leave the website empty-handed. The “add to wishlist” plugin enables customers to create lists of future purchases and come back for them later. During the holiday season, your website will be among the most popular shopping platforms. This feature promotes brand loyalty like no other.


Demo | Download | Hosting

With Hamintech, you will switch the entire theme color in one click and see the result immediately. Your website design will look professional and consistent with your brand identity. A MegaMenu that is available with this template looks incredible and organizes content into categories and subcategories. Premium Shopify themes like this one offer intuitive navigation, so your customers will never get overwhelmed by the many products you have. They will also never miss your promos and new arrivals because of the slider you’ll use to draw their attention.


Demo | Download | Hosting

This one is a cutting-edge theme for selling men’s clothing. Note the badges you can use to tell about the availability and value of any item. You will let your customers know about the changes in prices for particular products to persuade them to buy more. Potential buyers will also be able to see the products in more details by enlarging them with a JQuery image zoom plugin. By the way, this theme was made using one of the most reliable CSS extension languages – SASS- by developers in love with their craft.

2.3 Food and Restaurants
Spice shop

Demo | Download | Hosting

This is a best-selling Shopify template that has got the best reviews from our customers. It features Parallax effect that makes site visitors catch their breath. Lazy load effect guarantees that the website will be working fast. The pictures and other elements will load only when they are in view, allowing to increase the load speed. Do not hesitate to implement the newsletter functionality and make your customers come back for more spices and food products. This theme will give every foodie the UX they are looking for.

Refreshing drinks

Demo | Download | Hosting

When it’s hot outside, everyone is looking for a refreshment, and you are going to sell them one! This template is responsive and carefully coded. You will love the clean and flexible layouts. Customizing and installing the theme is super easy, it requires no in-depth knowledge of web development. Your website will attract traffic due to its SEO-friendly design and rich functionality. You will easily add a banner or two in to trigger site visitors’ thirst and boost sales. The banners come in different colors and look awesome on this minimalistic design.

China Town

Demo | Download | Hosting

This theme was made to impress with clean lines and subtle lines. Look at the beautiful menu section where product info is combined with high-quality food photos. Your loyal customers will also enjoy reading the blog about the latest food trends and updates in your menu. You can divide the blog section into 3, 6, or 9 block segments and add small, medium, or large images. Your posts can also contain photos, videos from YouTube, collections, or HTML code.


Demo | Download | Hosting

This impressive design offers a customizable homepage with ready-made sections like slideshow, featured product, gallery, blog articles, newsletter, etc. By putting full-width original photos of your products on a slider, you will impress even the most demanding foodies. Don’t forget about the neat documentation and 24/7 support you get with this template. Also, our designers will answer all your questions and make sure the website works most smoothly. The theme includes PSD files to make every layout and element maximally adaptable.

2.4 Makeup and Wellness Products

BeautyHouse Cosmetics Store

Demo | Download | Hosting

This theme is so beautiful that people will never want to leave your website. It features smart navigation and allows to highlight the best qualities of the beauty products. Look at the sliders on the homepage, move on to the customizable grid layouts, and note the badges and action buttons beneath every product. The theme offers a smooth shopping experience and flawless cart functionality. Visitors will sign up and use their accounts. Make sure you set up a blog and let your customers get to know you better and share in your expertise.

Cosmetic store

Demo | Download | Hosting

One of the prettiest themes in our collection, Cosmetic Store template will help you bring new life into your online makeup store. Pay special attention to the premade sections that come in the package, like News and Events, or Products for Sale. You can create different product lists and showcase them on customizable grid layouts. Also, a Customer Review section will boost the credibility of your offers by acting as a powerful social proof.

Perfumes Cosmetics

Demo | Download | Hosting

This theme is our best-seller equipped with Parallax effect and lazy load. Built on Bootstrap, it is well structured and highly functional. There are two elegant color themes – black and deep pink, you will change them in one click. The catalog includes multiple sections with a list of products in each. There is a beautiful social integration panel in the footer to get your best-selling products promoted organically. And, of course, there is a super comfy live search showing quick links to the product catalog.


Demo | Download | Hosting

Cosmetorix is a perfect template for any makeup store – big or small. You will showcase any number of products in the carousel gallery right on the homepage. For all the other items in the product assortment, there are list-based views and a customizable grid. They can be sorted and filtered to give even better UX to site visitors. The theme mixes all the best qualities of a Shopify-based website so you can expect the best performance and usability.

2.5 Home and Decor

Demo | Download | Hosting

This Shopify theme includes 12 demos for you to see how your future store will look. You can use it for a furniture store or other online retail business. The template is SEO-optimized, well documented, and very customizable. For instance, you will find 4 homepage design options, grid or list-based layouts for products, MegMenu customizations, and other things that will help you adapt the theme to your needs. Furnish is genuinely multipurpose and functional. It offers everything you would expect from an e-commerce website in 2019.


Demo | Download | Hosting

Create a converting homepage with this Shopify theme by adding a slideshow, newsletter, custom content, or even better, a product carousel. This theme will help you make best of your top products by displaying them on customizable layouts, as well as in galleries with a quick view and badges. It has valid semantic code, clean documentation, and PSD files included with the theme. And don’t forget to make use of the set of widgets that also comes in the package!


Demo | Download | Hosting

One more best-seller that will help you sell flooring, wall designs, or any other interior solutions. It works smoothly across all browsers and looks good on any screen. The theme features video integration, so you’ll be able to add videos to any product or embed it into a blog post. By the way, running a blog is the best way to rank high in search engines and get organic traffic. You can also implement social media integration to promote your store on major social platforms and turn it into one of the best Shopify websites.

Tile Stone

Demo | Download | Hosting

This cutting-edge store design provides everything you need for a successful e-commerce business. Imagine a beautiful homepage with a full-width image and drop-down menus; adjustable tile grids and a perfectly sortable catalogue. The theme features different content forms like text columns with images, images with text overlay, custom content, blog articles, lists of featured products, single product sections, product carousel, lists of advantages and what not. You will enjoy the functionality and smooth UX this template provides.

2.6 Artwork and Photography

Demo | Download | Hosting

More than any other business, selling art involves displaying beauty, elegance, and good taste. Artrite template has all these characteristics. It was crafted with care by the best developers to satisfy the most demanding audience. You will create wonderful galleries where people will be spending their time and money with joy. Such a website will serve as a wonderful alternative to an old-school offline art shop. Still, if you want to invite your customers to your premises, you can add a Google map widget and be confident that no one gets lost.


Demo | Download | Hosting

PhotoLoro theme is bright and attractive, with four available color combinations that can be changed in one click. It offers scalable and memorable user experience and enables you to tell a unique story with images and graphics. You can always add a banner to your homepage to highlight your key value proposition and boost sales. Or set up a newsletter and keep your customers engaged and loyal. Whatever you choose to do, this template will exceed your expectations and rank among the best Shopify sites.

Art Web

Demo | Download | Hosting

One more beautiful example of an online art studio. With Art Web, you will create unique combinations of products to pinpoint their best qualities. You can also add a chatbox and engage with your site visitors right on the homepage. Also, a blog with expert art reviews and art news will turn your e-commerce website into a valuable resource. You will provide useful content to your customers and broad web audience, and they will buy more artwork from your store.


Demo | Download | Hosting

Selling prints and graphic elements has never been easier. This theme will give you all it takes to create a profitable online business. Built on Bootstrap, with CSS3 and HTML5, and JQuery widgets, it is a valuable and wise asset that will pay off immediately. The intuitive Admin Panel makes it easy to manage, and clean and bug-proof code will save you a lot of nerves after you go live with your store.

2.7 Real Estate and Construction
Real Estate agency

Demo | Download | Hosting

Selling villas or city apartments? You need a website that will deliver the impression of luxury and style. This theme will serve and a beautiful frame for the real estate photos you need to display. And when the visitors are ready to buy, they will choose a product, add it to cart and proceed to the checkout in several clicks. You will enjoy working with customizable grids and content layouts because they strike the perfect balance between functionality and creativity.

Simple Construction

Demo | Download | Hosting

There are many reasons why this clean and modern-looking template can guarantee customer satisfaction: our developers created it with care and in line with the latest coding trends. It works with multiple currencies and allows displaying featured products on separate layouts. You will have no problem integrating it with social media and Google services. And the Header Slider, use it to display a strong character image and prove to your audience that you deserve their trust.

Jake Anderson plumbing

Demo | Download | Hosting

Do you think a plumbing website can’t look impressive? This theme will prove you wrong. Look at these clean layouts with subtle lines. Our designers wanted to make sure that the theme will highlight the best qualities of the plumbing equipment and make it stand out against the white background. Just upload the photos, add the details, set up the billing system, and you are ready to go live! Everything else will depend on the quality of the code, and we guarantee it is good.


Demo | Download | Hosting

Among other things, this theme features a stick to top menu placed on a sticky header. It remains before the eyes of the viewers as they scroll down and makes it possible to use the navigation without moving back to the homepage. If you choose to add an item to a carousel, you’ll get a chance to implement a quick view, product badge, and CTA button features as well.

2.8 Electronics and Computers

Drone Shop

Demo | Download | Hosting

A stunning landscape on the homepage, intuitive navigation that doesn’t require extra clicking, smart shop categories, impressive sliders that draw maximum attention to your top products – this is what it takes to create a successful website that sells drones. You will enjoy customizing the theme because all changes can be seen in real time! It will be full of air and whitespace, with cutting-edge elements and trending features. For instance, with Ajax technology, one can sort the product collections without having to reload the page.

Electronics Store

Demo | Download | Hosting

People who love technology can tell a good website from a bad one. So, if you are planning to sell cameras, computers, or other gadgets, pay attention to the design of your site. This theme is lightweight, fast, responsive, and beautiful. Your customers will enjoy scanning through your products if you organize them into flexible and dynamic layouts and add filters and categories. And you, in turn, will love to see your website ranking high in search engines due to SEO optimized structure and code.

IPhone x Apple store

Demo | Download | Hosting

A single product store is a special kind of online business: it makes you focus all marketing efforts on promoting one thing. This means that if you fail in displaying the value and uniqueness of that one product, your whole business will fail. With that in mind, look at this single product Shopify theme featuring a set of necessary widgets, color switchers, forms, ready-made shortcodes for columns, social media icons, and many more elements.

Computer Store

Demo | Download | Hosting

Computer technologies are developing faster with every year, and so are the web design trends. This template will deliver modern user experience and serve as a good frame for valuable technological products you will be selling. It is minimalistic and highly functional; your store will not lack anything regarding usability and performance. It is also regularly updated, SEO-optimized, and bug-free.

2.9 Sports and Travel

Travel Equipment

Demo | Download | Hosting

Your travel gear store can become a web sensation on two conditions: you need to invest in a killer website and rigorous promotion. This theme will solve the first problem for you. It features Ajax shopping cart, a set of JQuery widgets, and customizable content forms. You can decide to put captions on pictures, add text details and CTA buttons to photos, create custom posts, organize best-selling products into featured lists, etc. As for promotion, easy social media integration backed by SEO optimized coding will kickstart your marketing and result in bigger revenues.

Sport Direction

Demo | Download | Hosting

Is this website as fast and powerful as the things they are selling? Your future customers may be asking themselves this question, so get ready to impress them. This theme was coded and documented by experienced developers. It is fully customizable and flexible, you will get all the PSD files ready to be altered. If you decide to enhance organic promotion by running a blog on the website, use various content modules to organize content. And of course, your website will be full of big retina-ready images. Place some of them on sliders to maximize the effect.

MMA items

Demo | Download | Hosting
If you have fierce MMA fighters in your audience, you need a kick-ass website. This template has black, dark grey, and red color options, Google Fonts compatibility, and a MegaMenu. The navigation system features many categories and can be easily adapted to the needs of your business. There are many premade forms, like About Us, Newsletter or Contacts, so you will find it easy to fill the template with content. Our developers have a lot of experience in creating and running Shopify stores, so you can trust in the solutions they offer.

Bike Rond

Demo | Download | Hosting

Bikes mean freedom and adventure. So, don’t disappoint your customers with a boring website. Add videos, to your product descriptions, choose a most beautiful photo for the homepage, ask buyers to write exciting reviews, add a banner and a product carousel. This theme offers so many opportunities, just like a bike ride in the mountains. Your customers will get excited when scanning your product galleries and creating wishlists.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.
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TOP 50 Shopify Themes 2019

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