Top 7 Organic SEO Tips for Small Businesses – Number 7 Is Quite Surprising

Top 7 Organic SEO Tips for Small Businesses – Number 7 Is Quite Surprising

Search engine optimization is at the forefront of online marketing. In order to improve a website's Google ranking, it is vital to implement both organic and paid strategies. Search engines regularly tweak their algorithms which makes it difficult for marketers to follow a certain path. However, there are some fundamental strategies that help build a strong SEO foundation for every digital business.

Here are top 7 organic SEO tips for small businesses.

  1. Keyword list – Having a well-defined keyword list always comes handy. Most small businesses do not pay much attention to keywords. It is crucial that both long and short tail keywords are being targeted equally. Google Keyword Planner can help you narrow down the list to the most relevant words that attract the highest traffic.
  2. Good content always stands out – Every online marketing expert would agree that good content always pays off in the long run. Write authoritative content that provides value to the reader. A good write-up that compels the visitor to spend time on a page is well worth the effort. Content that provides true value along with a catchy headline is sure to go viral quickly.
  3. Create meaningfulful URL names – URLs of pages should reflect exactly what the page is all about. Keep the URLs short and avoid grammatical errors like excessive hyphens. If possible, carefully insert relevant keywords in the URL. Well written names rank better in search engines.
  4. Page titles – Titles of a page are the most error pron element of search engine optimization. In this part, Google wants to see a well qualified description of the content on a page. It is inserted in the <title> tag. Use important keywords and maintain the length within 70 characters.
  5. Avoid unethical methods – Search engines have become very smart. Any effort to trick them or fool them will only lead to setbacks. Unethical techniques such as paid links and coding tricks are known to wipe out rankings. It can even lead to removal from the index.
  6. Traffic tracking – Digital marketing is a constant process. In order to get the best results, monitoring traffic statistics is important. The time spent on a page, source of traffic, most viewed pages etc. are some vital insights revealed from the traffic data.
  7. Cornerstone pages – Having 10 pages on similar services and same keywords will only confuse search engines. Instead, it is recommended to create a single page that carries authoritative content and relevant set of keywords. Merge similar pages to provide a one-stop solution to the visitor.

There are numerous on page optimization tips including the ones mentioned above. Some prominent tips include writing high quality meta descriptions, keyword variations, ALT tags, social media marketing etc. However, these above seven points will help you create a solid foundation for your online brand building efforts.

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