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If you plan to start a business and to make an online presence, no matter whether it is online or offline, WordPress is the most recommended solution for you. Abundant business owners around the world use WordPress to create a website for their business.

Here are some basic reasons why WordPress is the best solution for small and medium business owners if they want to make an online presence.

1. High Search Engine Friendliness: One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is that it is highly search engine friendly. This quality helps the websites and blogs to be top in ranking. SEO helps for enhanced visibility and WordPress makes possible with some useful in-built features. It adds value to the used applications by remaining SEO friendly. Moreover, plenty of fabulous additional 'plugins' are available in WordPress that make the SEO even better.

2. Great Community Support: WordPress has a strong community support as millions of people use it. You can not find an active and strong community as WordPress possesses. As a result, users and websites feel easy to stay ahead by solving any issues arising out from the WordPress CMS. If you do not want to build your website yourself, lots of people can be hired to help you with your WordPress websites, as WordPress is open source software. But, if you would like to create your own website, you can find many people to ask help.

3. Easy to Use: Maintaining the website is the next challenge after creating it. WordPress is surprisingly easy to use. The few features of WordPress make the users comfortable to update the site or integrate any functionality. You can easily edit, add and delete content without facing any issues, even if you do not have much technical knowledge. You do not need skill coding skills to manage websites and blogs using WordPress.

4. Plenty of Themes : The availability of several themes that can customize the websites, blogs or online applications is a significant feature of WordPress. A professional web designer selects one among the thousands of free themes available that suits to the particular business. For example, if you want to create a photo blog, you can choose Back2Back or Modularity. If you create a website for our club, Evening Shade may be suitable for you.

5. Improved Security : A website or blog should have enough security to perform optimally. Therefore, security is a big concern for any CMS. Even though finding a totally secure open source CMS is difficult, WordPress reaches quite close to being secure software. Many default security features make WordPress clearly ahead in the race. Along with the in-built security features, the few default plugins available in WordPress can boost the security of a website.

6. Easy accessibility : Simple and easily accessible technologies are used to design and develop WordPress websites. Therefore, many of the professional web designers use WordPress for a business web site design. HTML pages of a WordPress website are easily displayed in modern phones like Android, iPhones, Black Berry.

7. Highly Affordable : Hiring a professional web designer to create a website and maintain it on a regular basis may not be affordable for small business owners. But, we can cheaply make a website for our business firm on WordPress platform.

Various studies report that WordPress with its unmatched qualities such as features, functionalities, plugins and popularity is the most extensively used content management system around.

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