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Top Four Website Design Trends In 2013

In the recent years there has been a significant amount of change in the way, the designers are creating the websites. Most of the users have already shifted to different mobile platforms that support the HTML5 / CSS3 web standards.

In this post you will get a brief idea on the recent web designing trends that have been evolving in last few years. In 2012 also we have seen several new trends and amongst them the most important is responsive design. In the same way some important web designing trends for 2013 are described below: –

Mobile First Design
Mobile first design means starting your design process by designing for mobile and then modifies it for tablet or PC. There are various benefits of mobile first designs like it allows website to reach more people (78% percent of world population has a mobile device). Also it forces designers to focus on core content and functionality.

Infinite Scrolling
Infinite scrolling is the technique that is starting to emerge more across the web and can be seen on social media sites like twitter, Pinterest etc. Infinite scrolling also known as endless pages is an interactive design technique which obtains content from other pages and add it to the page on which visitor is currently present. It is a great way to retain website visitor as visitors not need to put more effort in navigating a website except for scrolling it down.

White-space and minimalism
The terms minimalism and white-space are used around a lot and from sometimes these are part of website design also. Minimalist sites are those sites that use simple 2-3 column layouts that contain simple navigation, text, and leave the rest for white space. Also there are numerous sites that makes use of white space as a design tool that will force the users to focus on the information that is contained within the website rather than website itself.

HTML5 and JavaScript replace Flash
Many web designers have lived through the rise and fall of websites built with Adobe Flash. Now we must approach the same design issues with new ways like- replacing Flash with HTML5, CSS3, Java-script, Canvas, etc. Using HTML5 you can implement dynamic websites without using flash.

So, these are the top four essential website design trends that you must aware of in 2013. Therefore all of the web design agencies must need to follow all of these trends to get more visibility.

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