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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may seem like a hard task but using the right plugins on your WordPress website you can make it easier. With these plugins your site will be better optimized for search engines. When your website is search engines friendly then search engine find more reasons to recommend your website. Here are some plugins to help.

All In One SEO has been the standard for many years. This plugin allows you to add a title, description and tags just for search engines on individual posts and pages. Search engines still refer to the information on that page so you do need to make certain it relates to it.

Platinum SEO is very similar to All in One. The big difference is when you change tags or permalinks this one redirects search engines and users. This makes your site more friendly to both.

SEO Slugs this removes the words “a,” “the,” and other such from post slugs and title permalinks to improve your WordPress website SEO.

Smart 404 helps your readers and search engines when content and site errors happen. This will try to find related content and redirect readers to it automatically and provide a list of suggestions if there are several choices.

Robots Meta allows you to prevent indexing of pages you want to keep hidden from search engines. Pages you might want to exclude include login, admin or pages that offer gifts to your regular readers. Your hidden WordPress pages can remain hidden with this SEO plugin.

SEO Friendly Images optimizes your images. It automatically updates all images with ALT and TITLE attributes. This means your images are described for search engines so they can help readers find you based on images as well.

SEO Smart Links automatically links phrases and keywords in your posts with related posts, pages, tags and categories on your blog. With this SEO plugin you can also set the follow, nofollow attribute and allows links to open in a new window.

HeadSpace2 allows you, the blogger, to be able to control all aspects of meta-data, including tags, title, and description. It also allows you to disable plugins on particular pages. You can also choose different themes for different pages.

Redirection is a WordPress plugin that allows you monitor 404 errors and manage re-directions. A very useful SEO plugin when you are migrating information from an old website.

Automatic SEO Links allows you to change a word or phrase to a link internal or external. This allows you to easily link back to previous posts or a particular blog author. This SEO smart plugin will only change to first incident of the word or phrase per post so your readers do not come across numerous similar links.

Some of these plugins may work better for your WordPress site. Choose ones that meet your needs.