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Top Tips For Your Mobile Website

When designing and developing a mobile website, the user is your primary target audience so always keep this in mind. To make sure you give your mobile visitors the best possible mobile browsing experience, I have outlined some important points below for you to consider for your mobile website.

Keep Only The Essentials.

The entire contents and functionality of your full desktop website do not need to be part of your mobile site. Remember that on a mobile site, you will have space constraints and as such, you need to pay careful consideration to the essentials including what your users are most likely to browse.

Keep It Simple.

As a web designer, be careful not to fall in the trap of overly designing your mobile website. Try and restrict many of your design features because this can confuse your user that is viewing on a small screen. Stick to the most relevant aspects of your desktop version. Keep the use of images to a minimum and reduce scrolling so that the site loads quicker and users can navigate using fingers and thumbs.

Reduce Loading Times.

Your mobile site has to lead within a few seconds to keep your user focused and if your sites takes longer to load, the chances are they'll switch off and move on. Remember that most mobile users have limited time so it is essential that only the essential content loads as quickly as possible. Avoid large graphics because that has an effect on loading times and only load the minimum amount of CSS and Java files.

Cross Device Compatibility.

Remember that it's not just the iPhone user that will browse your mobile site. Although it is one of the more popular smart phones today, there are other devices such as Android, Nokia and Blackberry. You should design your site to work across multi device platforms, different operating systems and various screen sizes.

Mobile Site Switching.

Remember that for your mobile website, automatically redirect your mobile visitors. Your graphic designer or web design company should be able to do this for you by developing a sub-domain of your desktop website that has the prefix typically indicated as "".

Mobile Visitor Tracking.

You may find that your mobile browsing traffic is so high that it is more than your desktop version. For this reason, make sure the Google Analytics tool is in place which will enable you to compare figures for both your mobile and desktop sites. This reporting is valuable to assist in evaluating mobile visitor trends in comparison to your desktop website.

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