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When you are dating a Bengali girl, you need to know that if you do a few things right, then you get to score brownie points with her. This article will teach you a few neat tricks which will put you in her good books right from the start.

  • A Bengali girl loves a well-mannered person, or a bhodrolok. Please be a gentleman. If you are sitting down, stand up when she approaches you, sit down and greet her politely. A handshake or a namashkar will work equally well for her, and don’t forget to hold the door for her. Talking politely to people and maintaining the common Bengali courtesy, like touching an elder’s toes when you are introduced, shall be noted with great appreciation.
  • Keep yourself informed. Most Bengali women are well-versed and are up-to-date with current affairs. They love talking about different topics, and you can expect to chat with her about a number of topics. It doesn’t matter what your academic background is – knowledge impresses them, and not superficially knowing something. Bengalis are known for their intellect, and they actually choose smartness over money because the intellectual stimulation is worth a lot more than materialistic pleasure.
  • Bengali sense of humour is based on sarcasm and gentle teasing, so humour is your best friend, because laughter is a great way to make her open up and feel more comfortable around you. Making a slightly flirtatious, but gentlemanly comment, can earn you a blush on her cheek, and well, might induce the typical Bengali trait of dhong, which shall include fluttering eyelashes, and muttered, “ish”.
  • Talk about food. The way to these girls’ heart is definitely through their stomach, and you would love the way they love to eat, and talk about good food. From fish to firni, she knows good food, has an opinion about what she likes, and she is not afraid to tell you if she thinks you have made a mistake.
  • A Bengali girl will go out to the market to shop. From jewellery to groceries, Bengali women love shopping, and can tell if the fish is fresh or not from a distance. Plus, they love bargaining, and will hunt down their favourite markets (in Kolkata, its New Market or Gariahat) to find the best deals.
  • Bengali women like men with ideals and principles. If you have a strong feeling about something, speak up about it. Explain why you think it is important, engage her in a discussion. Even if she disagrees with you, you should hear her out, because, she probably has a point.
  • Most Bengali women are career-oriented and independent. So, letting them have their own work, and giving them space will be highly appreciated. Don’t worry, they will stand by you in times when you need them, just as they will expect you to be by their side. But space is something they value, and you should provide it to them.
  • Sing to her. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad singing voice. Singing to her shows your dedication, and when she is trying to find the right matrimony partner, she wants a man who can sing to her. If you can play the guitar or the harmonium, and know a couple of rabindrasangeet, then your chances of earning brownie points go much higher.
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