Top Website Design – Top 3 Elements of Website Usability

Top Website Design – Top 3 Elements of Website Usability

Top Website Design – Top 3 Elements of Website Usability

Top Website designs use, first and foremost, good usability techniques because if people get to your website and they can not use it, then none of the other work has anything anything. So that's first. It has to be a usable Website design. Then, the Website has to be well optimized for search engines so that people will find it. And finally, you want a unique Website design that is professional looking and attractive enough to hold the interest of visitors and make them want to see more.

Top 3 elements of Website usability

1) Simple, honest and complete navigation. Finding a Website is just the beginning for your visitors. Once there, they need to be able to figure out where to go to get specific information, to learn more, to find the actual product they seek. Confusing or incomplete Website navigation creates a stressful situation for your visitors.

Website navigation that uses words illustrating one thing and then leads to something else confuses people. It's frustrating to be looking for something you think should be there, but can not find.

2) Use product images and descriptive copy. Good illustrative images. Descriptive copy and product information.

One of the reasons people shop online is for the research potential. Absence of pictures or pictures that are two small to see any details, too-short descriptions or missing descriptions all make it difficult for your Website visitors to make a decision. I've seen Website designs where products were listed with a name and stock number only. Without the Website visitor has done a lot of HOMEwork elsewhere and knows exactly what that product is, he is unlikely to have much trust in your Website. And if he's done a bunch of research at another Website, what do you think the likelihood is that he would not purchase the item from that site?

3) Be clear and consistent. Help your Website's visitors intuitively find their way by using clear consistent indicators and action triggers. Descriptive words, images and colors can all help indicate where the visitor is currently in your website or help a user determine what to do next. But do not make visitors relearn triggers on different Web pages. Keep it consistent so as they move through your website, their comfort and certainty is increased. If you've ever been lost, you know it is frustrating. It is no less frustrating to be lost in the virtual world. Letting visitors get lost on your website is a critical mistake, because they can always click away to someplace they are familiar with.

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