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With the increasing popularity of social media marketing, there are new trends that will develop in the years to come. These new innovations and improvements will make social media marketing more developed, widespread and accessible than it already is.

Social media will become default

Social media will become an unavoidable aspect of businesses. It leads to various channels of distribution and opportunities that businesses will not be able to ignore. The past has seen businesses trying to get a hold of their share of social media attention. It is now becoming more common and will be the norm by 2015. Social media will not just be used for marketing but it will also become a part of other avenues like recruitment and sales. Organizations will create their own teams to handle social media.


Although content has been receiving importance by several brands over the last few decades, this will be more widespread by 2015. Brands give high value to incorporating content that is catchy yet meaningful to engage clients and potential customers. Brand content is presented through videos, blogs, games and graphics. Red Bull is one example of a brand that mastered branded content.

Tablets replacing print

Tablets became popular when Apple launched them in 2010. However, now a number of companies have launched cheaper tablets that are replacing print in households. A lot of well-known publishing houses are already swapping from print to tablets. Print media is declining rapidly. The Amazon Kindle Fire, an economical tablet which is soon to be launched will take over a large segment of the printing market.

Progress in social search

Although there has been progress in social media overall, social search is one segment that has not kept up. The search option in Twitter is broken. Facebook and Google’s social search is inefficient and does not yield great results. These sits have already begun improvements in order to better the services delivered by these operators. Google has started with their +1 and Google+ options.

Social commerce gains momentum

Most popular brands have pages on social networking sites with a large following. People make suggestions and give recommendations on products via social media. A lot of purchases are made in the real world that is based on these recommendations. Several shops have created custom-made online shops for Facebook, which are more of a publicity stunt. These will soon be realized as a means of attaining sales.

Social TV

Traditional television will soon merge with the internet and give birth to a whole new way of watching TV. Apple maybe planning to launch a TV, but the company has not confirmed any such claims. The content on the TV will become more interactive and will get a social edge to it. Users will be able to share their experiences with their friends and family effortlessly.

Facebook will continue to lead

2017 will see Facebook users surpassing one billion and also becoming a public company. Facebook will become more prominent on smartphones making it an inevitable part of your daily life. By 2017, it may become the default social operating system on the internet.

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