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True or False: Video Killed Text Content

We all know what happened when video came along and killed the radio star, but did it do the same for written content across the Web? This is concerning news for any SEO company that offers content marketing services. This is a debate that can go on for many years, but the truth of the matter is this – video has caused a big splash on the Web. You’ll find marketers, brands and even the end users using video content on YouTube, Vine, Facebook and Twitch.

It has even made it as part of the SEO services packages that SEO companies offer to their customers. The uptick in video publishing is likely due to the major impact it has on prospective audiences. Video has shown to be an excellent way to interact with various types of audiences.

According to numbers, video content is highly shared and engaged with by users. Consumers are said to be 39 percent more likely to share video content. 36 percent more likely to comment on a video and 56 percent more likely to like a video.

But does this mean that it’s a done deal for text? One thing we know for sure is that text is still alive and well – it’s just a different type of format that is best used for different reasons. The best case scenario would be to implement both into your Internet marketing strategy.

What Data Shows

The numbers are staggering for video content – the average Internet user watches about 206 hours of video content each month and according to Nielson, 64 percent of marketers are planning to use more video in the near future. Sure, video content beats text when it comes to engagement, but there are situations where users would prefer to read text. An SEO company can help you determine the services that will work for your company and when to use video content and when it’s best to use text.

Videos Are Lazier

The one reason why video content is doing so well is because it doesn’t require much cognitive work. The brain is shown to process videos 60,000 times quicker than text. People today are more inclined to choose to do tasks that are less work. Reading articles and watching video involves two different brain processes. When you read an article, your mind is actively involved and requires a longer attention span. Again, video content can be used in certain scenarios that suit the topic and the user.

Video sounds truly amazing – it’s no wonder SEO company experts swear by them. But it’s also important to note that not all Website visitors will prefer to watch a video. Your Web design can implement video, but make sure that it does so in a strategic way.

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