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Social networking such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and some hundred more sites are becoming media of different motives. Some use these social network sites to communicate or link to their distant relatives, friends and old classmates. Some, particularly business owners use these sites to promote their product and services and later on boost their sales, revenue and customer base.

Among these sites Facebook is considered as the most used social network. This networking site offers more than just connecting or linking with people. It also features several online games to keep you entertained. T he good thing is that you get to sign up or register an account for free. So, it is clear that social network sites particularly Facebook offers numerous advantages both to common individuals up to the workaholic business owners.

However, there are always two sides of a coin. If you see advantages, there will always be disadvantages which normally happen when users abuse the system. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of Facebook.

Notable Advantages

Easier Connection

Facebook and other social networking sites make it convenient and easy to search, connect and communicate with people in various parts of the world.

Global Interaction

Announcements, news and even global events are issued in seconds. In fact, you an incident are most likely to be announced and shared hundreds or thousands times by active users.

Business Gain More Exposure Resulting to High Volume of Traffic and Sales

It is a fact that even business owners utilize this approach to reach out to their international customers. Through this, businesses can promote their products and services to their customers. What makes it good is the fact that members of their business account or commonly called fanpage are actual buyers and consumers of their products.

Avenue for Relationships

Through social networking sites such as Facebook, shy individuals can send messages to the person they like. Some even use this site to search for future partners.

Make Friends Worldwide

Because this site welcomes almost all countries across the globe, chances of meeting and making friends overseas is very high.

So much for the advantages, you also need to consider the drawbacks of this medium. You see teenagers as young as 13 years old can sign-up, giving them chance to explore everything that the site has to offer.

Here are some of the disadvantages of Facebook

Invasion of Privacy

This usually happens to novice users, although long term account holders are not exempted. New users do not set their profiles in private which gives other users the ability to browse your account. They also have the privilege to send messages and check on your photos. But what is considered too invasive is when others get all personal information and begin stalking a specific Facebook user.


There are Facebook users who became hooked with the social networking per se but to the other features of the site. One good example is Farmville, Café World and the list goes on. It is true that these games are addictive for both young and adult users.

Affects Relationships

True enough that relationships are often jeopardized by social networking sites. Since everyone has the chance to meet, exchange messages from various users anywhere in the world, so the chances of meeting and flirting with other members are inevitable.

Everyone uses social networking sites in different perspectives so some view them positively while others look at them as horrific forms of media that deteriorate one's personal values.