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Twitter Marketing – 4 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter

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Twitter is a social network that connects you with your followers or friends. Basically you follow others and others follow you back, but you do not have to follow everyone for them to follow you back. Twitter can make you a lot of money for free if you know how to use it. Marketing and making money on twitter can be a death or life situation, I mean for your business when it comes to making money off your twitter fans.

Many people are marketing and making money off their twitter fans day in and day off. I have issued some guidelines that you can use and follow to benefit from your twitter fans.

1. Choose your niche
Choose you niche of interest and twit on it exclusively

2. Follow the movers and shakers in your niche
This will help you to stay updated with what's going on in your niche

3. Make important twits
Twit important twits which gives information, that will help, guide or solve their issues

4. Get personal with your fans
This will help your twitter fans to fill comfortable with you; it actually makes them fill as if they know you and act on your recommendations.

Follow the steps outlined from 1 to 4. Following these steps will not just make you gain twitter followers but will help you to be compilling with your twits, build trust and finally make money off your twitter fans when you have followed the steps and have done them correctly.

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