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The emergence of the Internet has increased the speed of how fast marketing trends change dramatically. Sure, there are still TV commercials and Newspaper ads, but for most SMO's those means of marketing are almost unattainable.

Due to that SMOs as well as Online Marketers must be quick on their feet, detect new marketing trends fast and implement them in order to gain an advantage over your competitors.

So what is the current trend in online marketing? It appears as if Twitter media marketing is gaining more and more popularity. Reasons for that are easy to find: It is free, allows you to target a pretty specific audience and takes a very short time to set up.

But let's go back to the start. What is Twitter and how can you use it as a marketing tool?

Twitter is a social networking site. It is based around "microblogs" that enables users to send and read other peoples text messages and reply to them on a public forum. Now since it is text message based, the max length of a "tweet" is 140 characters. You are able to receive those "tweets" via text message, but since this is limited to a few countries and receiving a couple of hundred "tweets" a day on your cell phone can be annoying, the more popular way is to check tweets via the internet.

Something that helped Twitter a lot to establish itself as a big forum was the fact that a lot of celebrities decided to frequently tweety to their fans as well as the parallel rise of popularity of so called (internet capable) smart phones.

So how does Twitter Marketing work?

The first step of the process is research. If you want to promote a certain product or service you have to find people that are already promoting it first. Those should be people that are the stars in the industry, and that have a lot of fans regardless of the afford they put into twitter marketing.

What you do then is you start to follow the people that are following the people you made out as being in the same niche. Some of the people that you follow will follow you back, and some will not. The once that do follow you back will from now on receive your tweets. The cool think about that is that you already know that those people are interested in your products, since they followed someone promoting something very similar already. This way the prospects are not cold, but warm.

Selling gets that much easier once you have a list of hot prospects. You can do that over and over again, until you have a gigantic list of potential buyers. After all, success is just a numbers game!

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