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Types Of Web-Designing

As there are different companies, it is essential for a website design company to get the information about the area of ​​business. Your design of a website plays a pivotal role in building large volume of traffic or just letting them go. There are many things which are responsible for influencing the visitors, starting with graphics, fonts or easy navigation. We design our website that clogged the traffic by making it fast, error-free and comfortable to look at. The impact is doubled when you see large volume of traffic with good returns.
It is necessary for your website to look great, to function perfectly and to render all necessary information correctly. It takes what –we know that.

The easiest way to project your product or business online is through static website. It is very simple to set this type of website. Static website design that strikes a balance between good-quality images, fast download time, browser compatibility in addition with effective graphics and interactivity. Static website pages include text, graphics, and other information that are organized, formatted, and linked in a website. These pages can be in any number and written in HTML. Static website is useful as it presents your products, services or any type of essential information related to your business, to be viewed by the ultimate visitors. As the technology to develop a static website is very simple, it is easy to build it.

Another type of designing is hybrid website designing. It is an amalgamation of the elements of static as well as flash design. The hybrid website is a good choice when the motive is to put forward information but, with an animated look.

Dynamic Website Design

A dynamic website is suitable for the contents based on e-business, collaborative content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a resume or jobs database, online shopping site etc. In this webpage, it is feasible and easy for the user to change the content of the programmed or script, whenever it is asked. These types of pages are flexible in nature and allows user to set priorities in regards with what type of information and contents will be displayed.

It is not essential for the administrator or developer to have a web programming knowledge, for changing various information on the pages which includes text, images, hyperlinks, banner ads, etc. It is a type of content management system. The content of the website are in full control of the administrator, not linking site user in any way.
Interaction of the user with the website can be made possible through dynamic website in the form of web forums, comments sections, and feedback submissions.

There is a big difference between crafting a static website and crafting a dynamic website. A simple static website consist or provide written information of your area of ​​business, product or services, innovation, interactivity etc. while dynamic website can fascinate volume of traffic, thereby leaving impact on the business more dramatically.
If the work requires only the need of presenting the information, static website is the better choice and for content such as e-business, collaborative content, and member-only.
Types of dynamic website:

Database driven Website

o E-Commerce Website

o E-Business Website

o Knowledge Base Website

o Jobs Database

o Resume Database

o Member-only sites

o Intranet

o Extranet Web pages can be designed in two types – static or dynamic.

Static web pages always look the same and the content never changes unless you load a new page or you change the page yourself and upload the new version of the pages to the server.

Dynamic pages can change every time they are loaded and they can change their content based on what user does, like clicking on some text or an image. Dynamic website web site brings flexibility to how information is stored and displayed on the web. That means you can add and manage information, schedules and photographs – without having to call a web master. It's a great way to take control of your site while saving money on maintenance. The retrieved content is merged with a template, providing components, that are similar to the whole site or subsection of the site and further including components that helps in controlling the presentation style of the data entered by the user.

Flash Website Designing

Flash website design is useful and helpful in creating innovative design of the website. For the creation of animated logos, website navigation controls, long form animation, or entity Flash websites, flash plays a pivotal role in creating interactive animation on the web. Flash is a perfect mode of creating a unique animated website.

This website also creates animation with sound effects, thereby leaving long-lasting impact on the users. Flash web pages are energetic, vital, dynamic, and full of graphics and multimedia content, because invoking excitation and energy.

When the contents of the animation are restricted to basic shapes, such as text and drawn images, it decrees the file size of flash website. You can enable excellent animation effects on the following as flash intros; custom flash animations, corporate flash presentations etc.

You can utilize flash in your website in forms of: –

? Flash Buttons

? Flash Venus

? Flash Animated Marketing Banners

? Flash Introductory Page

? Flash animated Logo Design

? Flash Photo galleries

? Animation with background Music

? Flash Auto / interactive Presentation with Audio

Useful and informative internet content and applications – complex animations with interactive programming can only be done by flash, since creating the unique HOME page in addition with an excellent introduction. In flash animation, combination of different fonts and effects and an unlimited number of text lines is possible.

Flash website provides all necessary information to the user, in an animated way through multimedia presentation, which makes website more unique and attractive.

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