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The concept of Google AdWords might seem fairly simple initially; by bidding on a selection of Google AdWords Keywords, waiting for the ads to run you then receiving masses of visits making you lots of money. It certainly sounds great, right?

The fact is Google AdWords can be lucrative and can be used for selling your own products or services; you can also use the program to promote an affiliate product. Because the Google AdWords program has a reputation for being lucrative and successful you should certainly give it your consideration however there are also tales of individuals losing sums of money through its use as well. Reading this article will help avoid any losses by making a good start.

The vital aspect of using this program is to select the proper Google AdWords Keywords to bid on; if you pay for clicks that fail to convert into sales then you might find yourself in a little financial trouble. The most cost effective method is to locate profitable Google AdWords Keywords and discard the surplus items that fail to perform.

Some information suggests that you can make a fortune with a ‘set and forget’ system with Google AdWords, this is untrue; at least, not at first. Once you make your Google AdWords Keywords selection that you wish to bid on, you need to keep your eye on them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if Google detects that your ad fails to receive sufficient clicks in comparison to the exposure it receives, they will cease running that ad. The second reason, mentioned briefly above, is that if you are bidding on Google AdWords keywords that are generating plenty of clicks that do not convert well, this must be rectified.

Prior to commencing your campaign you should create landing pages on your site for each keyword or group of related keywords. Each page should also display tracking statistics so that you can identify which keywords are driving people to your site and resulting in sales, this would also help you to determine which Google AdWords keywords you need to look at more closely.

Ads that fail to convert to sales are not always an indication that there are problems with the keyword; the ad itself could be the real problem. It may be there is a hitch with the copywriting on your landing page or the layout of the page; alternatively you may be losing sales because there is another link on the page that visitors are clicking instead of the buy link.

Certainly it can be tricky to know exactly what Google AdWords keywords will be most profitable against those of probably no value in terms of return. A sensible suggestion to guard against losing money is to properly consider the use of software to automate this process and focus on the profitable keywords, this way with a little financial outlay you will considerably reduce your chances of losing money with Google AdWords.

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