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In today’s struggling economy, every business needs a solid online presence to outshine its competitors within the market. But nowadays it’s not enough to have a beautifully designed website, great content and a conventional SEO marketing strategy. Social media marketing has become the new frontier for e-commerce and company websites – a frontier is opening up new opportunities for business growth. Step 1: Making the Most of Your Website

Think of your website as a salesperson. Most people search the web to know about a company’s performance, reliability and consistency before doing business with them. If your website design is sloppy and your layout makes it hard for people to find the information they are looking for, you are losing out on potential sales.

Before launching social media campaigns, good Social Media Marketing companies will check to ensure that your website is worth visiting. They will ask if your content is targeted and your calls-to-action are clear.

Step 2: Launching Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media marketing is the one of the most competitive and compelling ways to do business. Combining the latest social media technologies in a strategic way can help grow your business at astronomical rates. Social media campaigns help companies gain new leads, promote trust in their online and on-site business, advertise in real-time and engage with their customers. By sharing useful and interesting content regularly, companies have the chance to make an individual mark in a competitive market.

A switched-on Social Media Marketing company will examine where your business currently appears in social spheres and make recommendations for improvements. Basic social media marketing strategies include creating a blog, setting up a business page on Facebook, creating a profile on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, submitting to sites like StumbleUpon and Digg, and adding links and sharing options from your website.

More advanced social media marketing strategies deal with content. What kinds of content are likely to attract visitors and comments? What kinds of promotions, contests, polls and fangate tabs can you add to your Facebook page to increase engagement? Which tweets get the most return? How can you optimize the content on your blog and YouTube channel to increase your organic search engine rankings? Most importantly, how can you coordinate your social media efforts across all of your social channels to get you the maximum return?

Step 3: Using Social Content for Organic Search Engine Rankings

More and more search engines are incorporating social content (discussions, updates, blog posts, Facebook fans, twitter tweets) into their ranking algorithms. To be on the first page of organic rankings, you must be active in the social world.

SEO Massachusetts, social media marketing companiesExperienced Social Media Marketing companies will also know that SEO marketing remains an important part of your online marketing strategy. Since social media campaigns increase awareness, people may go directly to search engines to look up your company and compare your website with your competitors. Strong, targeted keyword phrases incorporated into each page of your site will help you turn browsers into buyers.

Step 4: Contacting a Social Media Marketing Company

McDougall Interactive is one of the most experienced social media marketing companies in Massachusetts, having several years of expertise in providing first-class services in SEO, Website Conversion Enhancement, PPC and Social Media Marketing. If you are looking for result-oriented services for SEO in Massachusetts, McDougall Interactive can help.

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