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In off-page SEO, getting backlinks to your sites is the top priority. If you know how to do it, this method could be very beneficial for your search engine ranking, organic SEO results and online business. Article writing is a good method for building up your link popularity.

There are various methods to get a link back to your site/blog, but one-way links are always the best ones. You will write an article to be published in another website. In return, they will allow you to place a backlink to one of your webpages, which adds to the link popularity of your site. You can use your keywords as anchor text in the links.
Find a Content-Rich Website/Blog to Write for

There are well-known sites/blogs in your industry that publish lots of valuable original content. Some of them even invite you to write and submit articles to them. Here I’m not talking about article directories. What I mean is to write for another site/blog. The knowledge of SEO copywriting is extremely useful here.

There are fervent readers who have subscribed to these sites/blogs and read their content enthusiastically. When you contact and offer them your well-written article, blog post, etc, you’ll tap into a powerful source of traffic. Once accepted and published, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to introduce yourself and add one or two links back to your site/blog. This is an amazing opportunity for you to promote your online business, increase search engine ranking and your SEO results.

At such occasions, you can take a lot of benefits from one single article. Of course, if you can continue writing articles of value and have other famous sites to publish it, you grow your site/blog readership a lot and you may get a lot more benefits than a one-time backlink.

Benefits of Writing for Other Sites

There could be a lot of benefits gained by implementing SEO copywriting in this method. For instance:

O Powerful backlinks from a well-known site/blog in your industry

O Readers who are interested in your topics

O Subscribers to your feeds, newsletter, ezine, etc

O Leads for your services

O Buyers for your products

O Followers who stay with you for a long time

O Followers who may introduce you to their friends as well

O Backlinks form such followers

O Backlinks from their friends

O etc

There could even be more advantages in using this method of article marketing. These are just some examples of article marketing as an off-page SEO tactic. Use this method and see the long term results that could bring you organic SEO results and boost your online business.

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