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If you are not already into marketing through social media, then you are missing out on a lot of potential buyers or readers. Facebook has quickly become a power to be reckoned with, and with its millions of users it clearly is a great tool for the normal business. Advertising on Facebook for free is an incredible and powerful marketing tool, and no one should miss out on such a power, especially the HOME based business.

One big factor in Internet marketing has become social media marketing, or simply put social marketing. It is actually one of the best ways to get your words or product across a wide range of audience. The first thing you need to do is to create a business account, then follow the on screen instructions. Pick a matching category and a good business name and hit the create page button. You keep this page separate from your personal profile, this is why you create a new business page. On this profile you think about your business and not yourself. You then link back to your business page and write information about the business itself, instead of you as a person. This is a very easy way to be advertising on Facebook for free. Everyone linking to your newly created Facebook business page will be most interested in your business. Keep away from being too personal, because this might make it look more personal than business professional.

Remember: Remember to link from your personal profile page to you're newly created business page, so all of your friends get to know about it too.

It is recommended that you place some posts in the discussion section, the more you engage with other people the more people will read, especially if their like what your business is about. You can also place pictures of your products or services and much more. If you are not already advertising on Facebook for free, then I suggest you get to it, because it will most defiantly boost your sales. Facebook offers a lot of useful tools, and it is packed with specialized features, which makes social marketing easy through Facebook. I would call Facebook a heaven for business owners, it saves money and time, which we all want. These tools can be used for further marketing of your products, and you will also be able to respond to questions about your product, which gives you more credibility in your chosen business. You can even add an eBay store link, offer special deals, there is no limit when it comes to social media marketing, and advertising on Facebook for free is an exceptional way to gain extra costumers or readers. Facebook allows you to target your clients and place target ads. Facebook works like the saying "word of mouth". If a person really likes your product, they will tell their friends about it, and telling their friends through Facebook works immediately. The more people like your business the more sales it will get.

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