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One of the most important WordPress Plugins is the All in One SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you install the plugin you will need to configure it so the search engines can find your website or blog.

The first step in configuring this plugin is to make sure that it is enabled. By default the dot will be in the disabled box. If the plugin is disabled the search engines will never find your site. The next step to configure the plugin is to enter the HOME title of your website. Next you must enter a good description of your website or blog. Your description should contain some of your primary keywords.

The third step to configure the all in one SEO plugin is to enter your keywords and your keyword phrases. Choose your keywords very carefully because this is what the search engine will look at. Make sure your keywords are relevant to the content on your website or blog. Do not put too many keywords in the box. Limit your keyword phrases to about four or five and always separate them with a comma. Keyword phrases should be used as opposed to just single keywords. Do not repeat any keywords or keyword phrases because the search engines will look at this as spam.

Every time you make a change to the plugin be sure to click the update options button at the bottom. Like many of the free Plugins there is an option to make a donation to the author. This option is strictly voluntary and is not mandatory.

There are many other Plugins for WordPress that help you optimize your blog but in my opinion this is one of the best.

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