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Firstly I would like to thank you very much for reading this article today about how to use Facebook as a marketing platform. I put this article together so that I can simply share with others how I have used Facebook as a marketing platform in order to help me make even more money online that I previously.

A lot of people are still not aware that when it comes to Facebook there is a golden opportunity to network and build new contacts to help grow your business and boost your income online.

I have been using Facebook as a marketing plaform now for little over one year, the results along with the response I have been getting on Facebook when using it as a marketing platform have been absolutely amazing. In fact I have had days where I have made more sales on Facebook than I have with some of my other e mail lists.

However many ask the question of how do you do it?

Well quite simply I believe when it comes to Network Marketing it is all about networking as the name suggests so the first thing to do is open a Facebook account so you can then use it as a marketing platform and then of course setup your profile correctly.

When setting up your Facebook profile it is important that you do not base it around your business opportunity but in fact base it around yourself, what you do with your life, your hobbies and interests but overall make it as interesting as you possibly can.

Once you have your profile setup the next stage is to start adding people as friends, this can be someone in your local area or it can be someone with similar interests and when you add them as a friend make sure you use the short note facility which allows you to send a message with the friend request because sending a personalized message will boost the chances of this person accepting your request.

After all people like the personal touch would you not agree?

Once you have done this the next stage is to start posting status updates so that your friends can see them now let me stress to you that this does not mean you spam your link to them but instead offering them interest related content and every once in a while adding in your link and you will be amazed with the results you get when using Facebook as a marketing platform.