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Not all businesses have the resources to avail most mainstream advertising options. Placing an ad on television or radio isn’t really something that start-ups and one-person businesses have the luxury of spending funds on. Thankfully, in this social media-driven world, marketing your brand has never been easier. With this comes the widely used and more budget-friendly Facebook marketing strategy.

From big corporations to students with sidelines, there’s an option for everyone. More importantly, Facebook doesn’t just display your ad, it actively helps you reach your ad’s full potential.

Creating Your Page

Creating a page on Facebook is free and one of the most basic steps business owners take when trying to establish an online presence. You simply provide the necessary information in the corresponding spaces. Just upload the necessary photos, and inform people about it so that the page gets likers/followers.

It doesn’t end there, however, as the real task is the constant maintenance of your page. By ‘maintenance’ this includes updating your page’s post regularly with the necessary material. It also includes ensuring your page’s followers that your page is active.

You have to constantly post relevant material. This is so your page followers will remain interested and open to whatever you have to offer. This allows your page to gain a following. You’d be able to reach your desired audience. You also get to reach those who haven’t liked your page, since Facebook tailors their recommended pages to users’ interests.

Aside from constant page updates, you also have to be active in responding to messages. Facebook’s Messenger application allows easy interaction between page owner and potential customers. It is wise to make use of this since Facebook displays pages’ level of activity in responding to messages. This could either encourage or discourage customers to make contact (and henceforth, conduct a transaction) with you.

Once you’ve got your page all set up, you can also boost your posts’ visibility by paying for your posts to get boosted. This will make your posts appear more often on the Facebook timelines of those who could potentially be interested in your product/service making transactions all the more possible.

Facebook Ads

If a page and boosting your posts isn’t enough for you, Facebook has other advertising options. With Facebook Ads you can actively choose a certain type of audience to see them. You can choose based on user behavior, demographics, and contact information. Instead of relying on the chance that your page will appear on a user’s ‘recommended pages’ list, you can now be sure that it will.

Creating an advertisement with Facebook Ads also makes creating ads an easier experience. This makes it convenient especially since not everyone understands the intricacies of making advertising material. More importantly, you can be assured that the ad Facebook creates for you is of high quality. Meaning, it’s good to look at and displays well on any device.

Facebook’s Adverts also provides you with the tools which are Adverts Manager, Power Editor, and Adverts Insights API. These will let you keep track of your ad’s performance and of its intended audience. They provide you with up-to-date reports on your ad’s impact and what could be done to maximize that impact.

There’s also Audience Insights which will provide you with aggregated information regarding those who are already connected to your page, the people in your Custom Audience, and the general population of Facebook. This will help you better understand what people like and are interested in, helping you provide more relevant and more visible posts.

Whether you’re one of those start-ups or a member of a big corporation, you can see how Facebook is a wise tool in helping your company boost its presence.

The Facebook marketing strategy shoe might not fit every company’s foot, but if you feel that it does for your company and your brand, you’d be glad to know it’s easy to maneuver and more importantly, that it goes beyond telling people about your brand, it actually helps you.

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