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According to Hitwise, Facebook was the most searched term in 2009 and the 3rd most visited website. Employers know this and they are actively searching Facebook for interns and future employees.

With over 350 million users, Facebook is poised to become a major factor in the job search and internship search market. Like the other large social sites, Facebook is a perfect place to develop your personal brand, expand your network, and use a powerful search engine.

To find internships on facebook:

1) Fill out a complete profile- think about how a resume would look and use keywords that you would like to be found for. Link to your blog.

2) Facebook allows you to search for people, pages, groups, applications, events, the web, post by friends and post by everyone. Carefully go through the groups and fan pages joining the ones that interest you- you will find internships listed on pages and by groups. Search to see if any of your preferred companies have groups or fan pages. Participate in these groups.

3) New applications for Facebook are developed daily. Keep checking to see if any could be of value to you.

4) Think keywords when you make a post. There is absolutely no reason for your name not to show up when an employee searches for an intern. Simply make post with your keywords on a regular basis and it will show up.

5) Do a search on "How to use Facebook to find jobs" and you will get many results. Here are a few of my favorites:


And if you have a little money, you can use this great tactic on "how to use ads to make employers hunt you down" by

6) Caution: You can also be found for things on Facebook that you may not want to be found for. Untag yourself from any compromising pictures, and understand that all post on Facebook are searchable.


Facebook is happening and is where the people are. Employers know this and they are searching here. The search function on Facebook is robust and can help you find your internship and can also help you to be found. The future potential for finding internships / jobs on Facebook will continue to improve.

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