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In: Social Media

When people think about social media marketing, many focus on the idea of ​​business to customer marketing. However, there's a whole other level of social marketing – business to business.

Companies are just starting to discover the full potential of social media marketing and what it can do. A business can save time and money gaining realtime market feedback, and even gain new ideas for products or services. At this stage, there's a lot of room for growth and change.

There's a lot to be excited about as we look into B2B social marketing. We're just learning how powerful it can be. Currently, a lot of businesses only use this marketing for basic advertising, but some companies are starting to utilize and engage tools like video to create constructive conversations between businesses.

Social media provides an outlet for displaying who your company is; creating a personality and 'human feel' beyond just broadcasting your business. Having an active blog with posts that highlight your company's expertise is going to help you stand out from the crowd.

Everyone knows that social media is a great tool for communication, but not everyone realizes that they can use it as a research tool. B2B marketing is different than B2C marketing. Your audience is narrower, so the use of your social media should be more focused to the perspective audience. If you're trying to partner up with a larger corporation, follow their social networks and learn their customers. Follow keywords related to businesses you want to sell to, and this can help open your eyes to new trends and help you design new plans for potential clients. By following social networking, you can learn more about what the business and their customers value.

Do not underestimate how much information is on the internet. By creating a strong social presence, it's easier for potential partners, clients, and businesses to find you. It's about finding a way to stand out to your clients, and with social media this goal should be easily attainable.

Basically, with B2B social media marketing, you need to have a goal and find a way to achieve it. Create a custom plan to market yourself to other businesses and customers. You know your company best and what your company's main focus is. Figure out which tools are best suited for your company to reach your target audience while showing potential buyers that they are buying from a business they can trust and relate to – not just a company logo.