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Most webmasters have become stuck in using one particular type of content management system, whether they think it's for SEO benefits, ease of use, or just because they're familiar with the system. For me, this is WordPress; and in this article we'll be discussing just how powerful WordPress can be as a content management system, especially for SEO purposes.

Choosing Hosted Vs. Downloadable? The WordPress software comes in two primary formats: a free online version that is hosted at, and a free downloadable (open source) version that can be installed on your own site. The online version is quicker and easier, while the downloadable version offers more freedom. The main benefit of using the downloadable type is that you can use it with your own domain name, plus no one can shut your site down if they choose (which can do at any time). And further, it's much easier to rank in the search engines when you have your own domain as opposed to a free domain at WordPress (or blogger, or typepad).

Themes and Plugins for SEO – Now, once we've installed WordPress on our domain name, there are several features that make it a great choice for SEO. First, there is a theme database that makes it extremely easy to click on any theme and install it instantly. Many of these are specifically designed to look like a "content site" as opposed to a blog; disguising WordPress as a more typical content management system. Additionally, many of the themes will create very simple and clean code – making your site SEO friendly and easy for the search engines to crawl. Next, in the plugins menu, there is something called All In One SEO Pack that is really impressive. It allows the user to easily manage every element of on-page seo right from within the admin area. Users can add custom titles, descriptions, other meta tags, adjust the url structure and more. This plugin turns WordPress into a Powerhouse SEO

Any Downsides to WordPress? The investment. WordPress does not cost a dime, yet the major downside of this software is that, right after installing, it does take a bit of knowledge to customize and setup, but once that investment has been made, it's my favorite content management system, especially for SEO. For a completely free, open source piece of software, WordPress is really powerful. With the themes and plugins available, and it's ease of use to maximize SEO benefits; it's always my first choice when making a new website.

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