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"Is not email marketing dead?" A lot of people have been asking this question for some time. Well, the answer is no! Email marketing is far from being dead. However, the way people approach email marketing has changed drastically over time. The reason that email marketing will never be dead is because emails are used constantly by everyone every day. The initial step of signing up for anything is an email, and with the high rise of smart phones, everyone has connected their email accounts to their phones and are constantly updated about every email that they get. Therefore, email signups for your company are one of the most precious data you can collect from your customers.

Now that you know the importance of online marketing methods, read on to find out the best ways to boost the number of your email signups.

Promoting benefits only for subscribers

The first rule of internet marketing is getting as many subscribers possible. If you provide a certain service or a product, promote benefits which only your email subscribers have the access to. This can be as easy as a product give away or a free service open only for your email sign ups. Most of the companies have used these methods to increase their subscribers successfully.

Social Media Sign Ups

Almost all online marketing activity is now integrated with social media for the best opportunity. Facebook pages allow you to add a direct button from which your fans can subscribe to your emails. Make maximum use out of these features.

Give Attractive Offers for first-time subscribers

Make an attractive offer for all the first-time subscribers to your emails. If you have an e-commerce website, you can give a discount for the first purchase after their email sign up. You can start a campaign giving time duration for your fans where you give an attractive gift for the first time subscribers within that period. These kind of small promotions get an extremely high engagement in social media especially if you spend some money to sponsor or boost the posts.

Newsletter Popups

After becoming popular as a growth-hack for the high level of conversion rates they got, newsletter popups have become an extremely popular internet business method nowdays. Still, it is beneficial to put newsletter popups to appear in the interesting articles of your websites, so the users are motivated and intrigued to sign up.

Email Signature

Your email signature is a great place to advertise and do online marketing that not many people use effectively. Have your email signup details mentioned in your signature with a brief introduction to your product or the website. Whenever you send an email, this will get circulated, and since your emails are mostly sent to the important people in your industry, it will bring you some genuine and truly valuable sign ups.

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