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Web Design – 5 Key Principals For an Effective Website Desi…

Before starting out with your new website it is wise to make sure that everything is well planned so that the finished article, your site, is well designed and structured to provide a compelling and effective online presence.

It is therefore very important to take cognizance of these key principals for an effective website design for your new site to inspire trust & as well as the interest of your site visitor.

Creating a great web site is much more than just slapping together a bit of HTML code & a few images. Depending on your website's topic or theme, it will need to successfully present & communicate your ideas clearly & in an interesting manner – it only has a few seconds in which to sell your site visitor.

A badly designed & unprofessional looking site will not do your reputation or sales any good at all.

Whilst there may not be any hard and fast rules for a good design & many web design issues may be subjective, the following tips are considered to be essential ingredients that will contribute a professional & effective website.

5 Key Principals For an Effective Website Design

  1. The Objective of Your Website Defining a main objective for your site not only contributions towards streamlining all the procedures, but also makes it more functional in terms of user experience.
  2. HTML & CSS Creating a separate CSS file and using it for the structure of your website will give you cleaner code as well as the benefit of keeping consistency & making it easier to make site wide changes down the line.
  3. Load Time If a page has not loaded within a few seconds your potential customer could be clicking away from your site forever.
  4. Navigation Navigation should be consistent in look & placement across your website.
  5. Usability Usability in a website means that visitors should not have to struggle and figure out where to go & how to use the site properly.

Remember that by designing & publishing a professional looking website may not be enough – it needs to incorporate all of the above key principals for effective web design to accomplish what it is meant to.

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