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Web Design and User Engagement

An important aspect of any first class web design is the fact that, apart from providing useful information to its viewers, it should be able to develop an emotional attachment with them, so that they keep patronizing it repeatedly. Although a website occasionally succeeds in achieving this due to its forceful content, as is the case of online stores plus social networking sites, content on its own can not constantly offer the commitment required for prompting the visitors to come back again. The superior design of a website simply enhances its charm, when compared to a dull design.

The design of a website plays many roles from the moment a visitor calls upon it to the end of its final action. It needs to create a first good impression, encouraging the visitor to explore it further and to get familiar with the brand. Without it is successful in this aspect, you can not expect the visitor to get attracted to it, take the next step of investing or buying the product, and finally get recorded in their mind for future reference. This is possible only when the design of website is able to create a healthy emotional reaction from its visitor, and that creates an association between the client and the product.

It is well-known that it is during the initial couple of seconds that a viewer makes a decision about the design of website. The decision is made too early to be wholly rational or intellectual. It is almost entirely on the emotion of the viewer. A first class website designer understands the significance of such a split second emotional response of the viewers, and does his / her best to generate a spontaneous positive impression. That makes it important for you to understand that the user's "rendezvous" with your site can be made or shattered even before he has gotten into the design of your website. For example, you may create an impression of credibility by inserting small ads in other related and appreciated websites.

How far the user engages with your website depends on the rapport that gets established between your viewers and the design of the website. The user, having crossed the boundaries of wonderful browsing, is here on your site and he is prepared to spend in whatever your website design is offering. Now, it's for the design to win the user's confidence by offering testimonials from users, allowing the product to speak for itself, or by offering superior pictures of products to imp a personal face to the design of the web. You should add to the user's experience on your website by making the process of buying easy and safe.

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