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Web Design – Appealing Not Appalling

There are a lot of myths that people believe when it comes to web design and unfortunately those myths are things that can really make a website something that is going to drive people away.

One of the popular myths that people believe is that the more glitz and glamor a website has, the better. Here are the reasons why this is a myth and not fact.

Turn off

One of the reasons that it's a myth is the fact that a lot of people are turned off by glitz and glamor. They would rather see a website that is simple and easy to navigate and does not hurt their eyes.

Medical problems

Another reason that it's a myth that there are a lot of people who may be coming to the website that have health problems such as epilepsy which might be affected by bright colors and flashing lights.

Not appealing to everyone

The last reason that it's a myth is that it's not something that is going to appeal to everyone. The website that a business should build is something that should appeal to everyone, or to most people, to be successful and make it online.

Web design is something that people need to be careful about when they are believing myths. Think about the things that people are going to want your website to do and to offer and go with that when you are creating your website. When you put your customers needs and wants first, you will find that you can not go wrong.

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