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Web Design – Appealing to the Hunter

On an early fall morning a hunter quietly makes his way through the vegetation as he follows the trail of deer. He recognizes the signs and knows that if he is quiet enough he may see one of the elegant beasts. He passed some fine specimen of sagebrush along the way and even a few particularly nice cedar trees, but his mind was on his prey not the particular varieties of flora he encountered.

Website Hunting

Believe it or not the scenario above is very similar to the way many web consumers approach your website. Sure you may have some really nice things to say, but they are on the hunt for something specific and they don’t have time to read everything you place on your website.

When it comes to web design you should always make full use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, but you should also follow that up with several of the keywords or phrases that you used as the target of your site in bold throughout your website and/or web page.

How to Reach Hunters

Since most consumers are ‘hunters’ you might also do well to include increased fonts sizes for headings that help consumers locate the information they are most interested in. This isn’t the only information that is important on your site it is just the information that is most important to your ‘hunting’ visitor.

Your site visitor is likely going to scan through your web pages seeking the information they want. If you make this difficult for your visitor to find they will ‘hunt’ elsewhere.

No Hunting Expected

We’ve all done online searches for a specific topic and then started visiting sites only to discover some with thousands of words and no reasonable way to scan through the text to find the information most needed. It is quite probable these sites have a wealth of information that would be beneficial, but the hunters are few and far between.

Give Me a Trail

Web users are trained hunters. If our web design efforts provide dense terrain with little sign of where the object of the hunt can be found the ‘hunter’ will find other hunting ground.

If our web design strategies can help lead users to what they want they will leave satisfied and are willing to come back again where they know the hunting is good.

If you have content written for you make sure the freelance author understand the goal of the content they are writing. Most freelance writers should be able to provide multiple headings to help visitors pinpoint the information they are most interested in.

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