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Web Design – Clean Versus Functional – How To Strike A Bala…

As we enter into 2011, the fact that proper website design is a must has long since been established. Internet marketing has become a global phenomenon and that means more and more people from all over the world are publishing websites to promote their wares. Such promotions and sales becomes a lot easier when a clear and functional website is developed. The one unfortunate derivative of this is that functional can sometimes be defined as bland.

This is not stated to stress form over function. A website must be properly functional or else visitors will not understand how to navigate it. When that is the case, a visitor will quickly become an ex-visitor. Typically, the website needs to be functional but it can not be boring. This is why effective design must be employed that allows any visitor to the site to navigate it in the most effective manner possible.

That said, the website also needs effective clarity within an original design. This is why it is wise for those hiring to design their own site to look at the clear templates available on the web. Such templates integrate specifically art designs with the much needed functionality require to develop a solid looking website.

Of course, there are those that might be a little concerned about their ability to craft their own website. That is fine. Many excellent website designers can fashion a brilliant finished product. However, it is still advised to seek out the various clear design templates on the internet if for no other reason that research purposes. By that it is mean that looking over the clear designs of these templates, you could gain a definite insight into what elements are needed for the website to be effective. While the following is by no means a complete list of attributes, it provides a great deal of proverbial food for thought:
Organization of text, photos, and links in a proper manner.
Clearly readable text that places the readable text into its proper sections on the site.

Proper display of all links to subpages.
The sitemap of the website is clearly visible.
Definitive placement of shopping cart software where it can be easily seen.

A sense of aesthetic art to the design that makes the page visually appealing and well worth visiting.

Of course, other attributes can be gained from using a clear website. All of these attributes eventually contribute to the prime purpose of the website: making it aesthetically pleasing while not sacrificing function for form. While in the past it was fine to have a static and somewhat dull website layout that will not work in 2011. A website will also be of little value if it is not easy to navigate. Never lose sight of these two facts if you wish your website remained a viable and successful one.

Stay focused on these two points and you will discover your website surely has the potential to deliver on your expectations in 2011 and beyond.

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