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Your business either local or global needs to be represented on the world wide web. Nowadays its very easy for customers to find the products and services they are looking for by using the internet. It's common knowledge now that several billions of dollars are being spent online now as more consumers are starting to shop online. Without the ownership of a website, you are not able to tap into this rich flow of money that is constantly being circulated from computer to computer. Truth is, you probably know this already and have been searching for the most cost effective way to start your website only to find that these services can be quite expensive.

Yes, custom web development can be very expensive. Sometimes causing you only to run and get more frustrated as precious time goes by. Depending upon how much you already know about the website development process, web design and development cost are just the beginning.

All the necessary pieces that are required for a successful website are accompanied by some sort of a fee. Sometimes you have to pay these fees every month or year depending on what you have setup.

Domain name registration is the first and most important step in starting your website. After all, this is the name that people will type into their browsers to load your page, so choosing an easy to remember, highly brand-capable name is vital to the success in the search engines. The most popular domain names end so costing you some money each year to register. Now, there are several options for website owners to have a free domain name, however the value that they bring to the internet with a domain name will not pay off in the end for their business. You must register domain name. I've seen domain name registration range anywhere from $ 1 to $ 14 a year depending upon where you register the name.

Next you will run into the problem of choosing a host for all your files for your website design. Again, free hosting plans will not get the job done as most of them do not come with enough capabilities to run a highly effective website. Most free web hosts will run advertisements on your website which will distract users and extremely slow down the loading time of your website. If you want to talk about getting your website indexed in the search engines and drive traffic to your website, a slow loading website will most defiantly hurt your search results. Bottom line, proper hosting is key to running a successful website. Web hosting has a very big price range, it all depends on how many features you tend to run on your website. Hosting can be fairly inexpensive or very expensive, so again what kind of website you run will depend on how much you need to spend on hosting.

To completely cut down the cost of these two services, the only option I would recommend to you would be setting up a blog either on blogger or WordPress. Again this will limit your freedom and ability to design the website how you desire and how your website will show in search results but a great alternative to spending money. Perfect for any type of personal diary but not recommended for any serious business website.

Once your hosting and domain name are married together now all that is required is you upload your website. So let's just imagine we have picked out our domain name and web hosting package spending a total of $ 70. This is the first step but we still have no website to upload. Getting the domain name and host is the easy part, developing a website is the most expensive and tiresome part about the entire process and the most expensive. Web Design Companies can change several thousand dollars to setup and develop your website. Kiss that 70 $ limit goodbye.

Your website is like a store in the mall and must look and operate at a highly effective level. Your website must look neat and clean to attract customers and keep new visitors from bouncing your website. This is what professional website developers take care of and why they can charge so much for their services. A successful website can be the backbone to the success of your business and elevate its potential to levels you can not even imagine. If you have gotten this far and still do not have a website, today is the day.

Just to add more sadness to the equation. The process does not stop there. A domain name, web hosting, and the best website design on the planet does not end the checklist to having a successful website. Lastly, constantly updating and finding new and effective ways to market your website can cost more double the cost of having the website developed in the first place. This is when search engine optimization (SEO), traffic analytics, Pay Per Click Campaigns, (PPC) and Article Marketing come into the equation.

Putting together a website that is targeted towards getting sales and leads is not inexpensive task if done correctly. If you seek the services of professionals your bill can end up costing you more than your profit potential. This causes you to keep delaying the process and of course leave potential sales revenue out the door.

Your presence on the internet is extremely important and can not be overlooked anymore. There are affordable website design services out there for people and businesses just like you. Everything that I have mentioned above can be taken care of in a fast professional manner for as low as 49.99.

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