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Web Design Company's Concern: Flash or HTML 5

The Web design world is not as simple as it was earlier. As technology evolved, smart phones came into existence. The user of the iPhone is now able to access the internet through the iPhone device. It is because of portability and the features that the smart phones are now being preferred to the laptop.

There are pros and cons of every scientific discovery and technical advancement. In the world of the internet the technological advances are so fast that it is never late for the current innovation to be become old and be replaced by something that is latest.

It is but natural that the latest innovation will facilitate the users but what about the older technology? This question is of prominence especially when the website design is based on older technology.

The websites that are based on Flash are not compatible with the iPhone. As a consequence of this the flash based websites can not be downloaded on the iPhone device. There are many businesses that have invested heavily on the Flash based websites. The main reason for this is that some of the features that can not be designed in HTML can be easily designed with the help of Flash. The flash based websites can be easily downloaded on the desk top PCs and lap tops but not the iPhones.

This implies that either the websites have to be redesigned or the iPhones need to be changed. The later alternative not being possible, the industry is left with only the former option.

The screen of the iPhone is much smaller than that in the desk top PCs or Laptops. The websites are usually designed to be exhibited on the 1280×1024 or 1024×768 screen. It is obvious that these websites will not be suited for the screen of the iPhone.

When the website is not compatible with the operating system or the platform of the iPhone, it is the website owner or the business who is the looser. If the iPhone user is not able to access your website on the small screen of the iPhone it is sure that he / she will not be buying anything through that website. The purpose of the website is not served in this case.

The businesses are now compelled to get a web design that is not Flash based but HTML 5 based. The only reason being the HTML 5 based websites can be downloaded by the iPhone.

Redesigning of the websites and making them compatible with the iPhone allows the business to tap the business from the iPhone users but at the same time makes the older website obsolese.

A professional web design agency will usually recommend a new web design rather than the redesigning of the older website.

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