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Web Design – Different Meanings of Design

For some the templates are a shortcut to the world of websites while for others it is a tool for learning. For many designers templates are the road to independence while for others it leads to increase in efficiency. Most of the information can easily be represented with the help of templates and these templates can be used again and again. Most of the designers compare the templates with the designs and consider them near the same.

There are drawbacks of using keyboard shortcuts too. At times when a designer uses the templates for modifying the web design, people tend to under estimate the web design work to be very easy. The effort put in for the creativity is usually not recognized. This assumes that excessive use of keyboard shortcuts should be avoided especially when you are in front of your client.

The working of the design depends on some predominant considerations that have been mentioned as follows.


As a professional designer you should understand that there is nothing wrong in asking questions. The answers to the questions can clarify a lot many things and make your task comparatively simpler. Some of the questions are as follows:

What is the purpose of the website?

Who is the target audience?

Why should people prefer us to the competitors?

Who is accountable for what?

What is the priority?

What is needed to launch the product or services in the market?

How is the website going to be maintained?

Factors that influence the limits of web design:

Some of the ways to influence and enhance the limits of web design are through answering the following questions.

What is the best way to seek the attention of the visitors?

Which factors can distract the visitors?

Is there any possibility of coding the website design in same HTML so that it works on mobile devices as well as desktop PCs?

What the maximum budget allotted for this project?

In how many days should the completed projected be submitted?

When there are restrictions there are problems, but it is the responsibility of the designer to create a design to solve those problems.


Sometimes the unexpected happens and to make the design successful contingency arrangements have to be made.

Sometimes the plug-in that is downloaded does not work as expected. At these times the effort to change the code is of prime importance.

It is also possible that the look of the web design may not be as expected and the designer may need to make some amendments.

Sometimes the negative effect of uncontrollable factors may be so much that the designer may need to extend the time for completing the web design project.

When design is just a noun, design downloading can be a shortcut to obtain quick results but this does not guarantee success. On the contrary when design is considered a verb, it means synchronizing the form and content of the website. Design as a verb requires more effort than design as a noun.

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