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Web Design For Small Businesses – Top 3 Tendencies of 2010

Wondering what is changing in web design for small businesses? Want to know what to expect from your future website? Check the 2010 top 3 tenders in web design for small businesses.

Newer and fresher content on a regular basis
It is no longer enough to have a 5 pages website listing contact information and brief services descriptions. These days, even smaller businesses need detailed presentations, regular updates on prices, portfolio and client testimonials. Especially for small businesses: give up the fancy words and make your point in a more natural, user friendly way. Today customers tend to avoid communication impediments such as over-professional phrases.

Less web presentations and more web discussions
This is the "niche" era. With so much information out there, visitors are turning towards small niche content websites that are more reliable and detailed. 2010 websites must focus on targeting the right visitors rather than going for exposure to not so targeted groups.

Feedback is extremely valuable coming from a targeted market such as site's visitors. Small or large businesses need a way to ask, receive and act upon customer opinion. Recentmore modern websites must engage their visitors into smaller but stronger communities. As a bonus, all the feedback generated by visitors turn into great related content and higher reliability for the website.

Less web design graphics and more content
The days of complicated designs and beautiful pictures are long gone. Today, small businesses need a clean, simple, direct way of presenting themselves to the visitors. No more Flash designs and flashy animation. In terms of functionality "Search" and "Comparison" are a must for a modern website.

Although these are the most important things you should consider when thinking about your new website, there are lots of other factors that will impact your online presence like: overall accessibility, well crafted calls to action, search engine optimization and so on.

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