Web Design, Hosting & SEO-Facts You Can not Afford Not …

Web Design, Hosting & SEO-Facts You Can not Afford Not …

Web Design, Hosting & SEO-Facts You Can not Afford Not …

For every $ 1 that is being bought online today, there is going to be over $ 1100 spent. BUT for every business online making that money today there will be over 16000 businesses trying to get that extra $ 1100 by the year 2008! Does it not make sense to have a decent Website designed that does show up in Search engines? Now, no matter how pretty your design skills look, the art is to get Traffic to your website. Any website is only as good as its ability to show up and be found when searched for. Fact is there are millions of clients looking for your services on the internet by the minute, which could become yours. Have you ever listened to a sales person trying to convince a client that they need the product he is selling? Does it not make sense to strike while the iron is hot and actually spend your cents on Web design and Search Engine Optimization? These are clients already in need of your product, they need no convincing!

Web designers familiarize with SEO strategies can design sites that are optimized for Search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Search Engines work on ranking, the higher your page rank, the better your chances are to get to the top of the Search engines. Truth is, when the major Search Engines give you a good ranking, your ranking in the smaller local search engines would automatically be better. Spending on SEO services make sense and there are good reasons for this. The first is that Search Engines are an online business portal for buyers & sellers and this is where businesses have to show up to get traffic that potentially turn into clients. All the stats will show you that those who spend the most on SEO get best returns on that investment. That seems like putting the obvious, but you really need to think a little about search engine results.

The top 10 ranking sites typically get all the traffic, so unless your marketing expenditure can get you into those top rankings, the performance of your web site and your company will not be promising. SEO will allow your product & services to be found where it is demanded and you would be far more successful, knowing your web site is a powerful 24/7 salesperson, like you intended when you spent the good money for it.

The other very important aspect of a successful web site would be the host behind it. Would you be able to once your strong web site is up and running, be without it for several hours per week? Your new website is a powerful database driven website where your sales team gets critical updates and sales leads. How much downtime can you afford?

Cheap web hosting is not always a feasible choice. Determine your needs prior to paying a hosting company for inferior service. The purpose of your website is the determining factor when choosing a web host. Would your company ever sell anything online? Would you ever need a dynamic website where you can build up a database of clients that you could always revisit and market your products to? These are very simple but effective ways to determine who to choose as a hosting company. Should you ever need scripts and databases installed, would the host you choose be able to provide this? Should they honestly be able to provide the database hosting and be able to give you the technical support, what would they charge you? Astonishingly I have personally come across little static web sites where the owners are paying double the money that is charged for big dynamic web sites! Are you still not worried who is behind your website? I would be.

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