Web Design Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

Web Design Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

Web Design Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

Web design is a much needed skill with more and more of the world moving to do things online. While that is a good thing, it can pose a bit of a challenge for you when you designing sites. While it is quite simple to design a cookie cutter site, that will not help it stand out and will not help the site rise to the top. You want to design a site that is unique in a good way. The following article contains some mistakes that happen in web design and what you can do to avoid them.

One mistake with web design is making the URL overly complex. The URL for a website should be as simple as possible and should relate to the title of the website as much as it can. Do your best to make the URL memorable and catchy so that when someone wants to visit the site they will know exactly where they want to go.

Another mistake that web designers make is adding too many scrolling messages. While a short scrolling message can be catchy, having a long scrolling message or too many of them can be annoying for the visitor. Some people will read faster than others, and if they get bored waiting for the whole message to appear, they may end up leaving the site. Also, some people tend to read slower and you do not want to frustrate them either.

Along with scrolling messages, you also want to keep animations on the site limited. Animations can be annoying to some people, especially if there are too many of them. And sometimes the website visitor might not have the proper program to run the animation so they can again get frustrated, leaving and never returning.

Another mistake is adding so much to the site that it takes forever to load. You want a website you are designing to load in 15 seconds or less. Any longer and your visitor will end up irritated and will not have a good opinion of the site. You want to do as much as you can to keep the audience happy, engaged and able to view the site.

The colors and layout of the site is important. Many times designers forget this and add crazy colors and designs that make it hard to focus on the site’s content. Instead of using crazy, off-the-wall colors, stick to more common colors that do not draw attention away from the site’s main focus. While wild colors can be fun, they can also be annoying and distracting. If you must use them, do so in moderation.

There is no doubt that you want to design the best site possible, but you should try to avoid making too many mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life, but many of them can be avoided if you take the time to learn from other people’s mistakes. The tips here should help you avoid making the same mistakes that other website designers have made. Use what you learned to make the best website possible.

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